Friday, July 5, 2013

Guest Post - Torren, Son of Larrik

Please welcome my guest, the feared leader of the Djenrye Rebellion, Torren, son of Larrik. Although Torren’s race of Androne Elves has never sought powerful positions, Torren has risen to lead the Rebellion and stands to gain the position of Supreme Leader of Djenrye. He boasts the support of Entek, the most ruthless Sorcerer in all of Djenrye, who has tapped into the universal alignment to give Torren abilities that rival the Djens’ power, and that no Androne has ever had.
            Thank you for allowing an inferior human to interview you and for taking the time from your campaign to grace us with your presence, Torren. And now, without further delay, we will start the interview. I know that you’re a busy Elf.

1.      What made you decide that you wanted to be the leader of Djenrye? After careful consideration, and eliminating the competition, I knew it to be my destiny. I have a particular skill set when it comes to motivating the troupes. Praise, combined with fear and humiliation is very effective. I must admit that a touch of dark magic comes in handy now and then. The path to dominating Djenrye has been easier than I anticipated.

2.      Domination? Why do you want to dominate? I mean after all, you’re merely an Elf. [Here, Torren leans uncomfortably close. He lowers his tone and nearly purrs at me] I tell you this for your own welfare. It would behoove you to guard your speech. It is not safe to speak of me as merely an Elf. Men have lost their tongues for lesser offenses. You are only Hundye, human. Your species time on this planet is…What is the term you use for all the beings you have destroyed through your pollution and destruction of nature? …Oh yes, extinction. [He pauses and leans back – letting out a little chuckle] But, I digress. Back to your question. Only a fool would pass on the opportunity to be the leader if it landed in their lap. Look at the current leader. Manem is a coward who desires nothing more than to hide in the shadows and be left alone. Once all Hundyes’ are eliminated, this will show the people of Djenrye what a true leader is capable of.

3.      Why do you want to eliminate the humans? Why not enslave them? Are you truly so naive? You breed more of your ilk and destroy our world while the Djen – who, through the will of the Gods – were chosen to protect it – have let you do whatever you choose. For millennia we have watched and hidden in shadows, all the while attempting to keep nature in balance, despite the Hundye’s best attempts at upsetting it. But no more! The time for the inhabitants of Djenrye to step out of the shadows is at hand.

4.      Well, you do have a point there. So what are your plans? What madness takes you to think I would divulge my plans? I can assure you this much - everything is in complete control. And once I have conquered Djenrye and Terra-hun, the Hundye plane, I will conquer the girl.

5.      So, is that the only way you can “get the girl”? How dare you imply that I am without charms or have no female intimates. I will have this girl! Shylae will soon be taught to love me and bend to my desire. I have already spoken of my skills at motivation, have I not? She will not be able to resist. I am her true mate, not that boy, Colton.

6.      I detect a little jealousy in your tone. I will never be jealous of Colton! There is nothing to be envious of. He is a thorn in my side, an inconvenience to be dealt with. Time shall prove me out. I will gain all that I desire, and more. [At this, Torren rises to an imposing figure; my guess is around six-foot-four]. I take my leave of you, Woman. Dominating two dimensions leaves little time for other distractions. I have men to train and strategies to plot.

Well, thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your secret world, Torren. Will you still honor our agreement to respond to questions from our followers?

Only from those wishing to follow me. I will send a runner with my responses. You [he points to me] may answer queries from mewling, weak Djen supporters.
[He flings the door of my office open and disappears into a portal] 

 I certainly don’t want to get on his bad side, that is, unless Colton’s got my back. Please leave your comments for Torren. I’m sure he will answer when he’s not creating havoc. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Love, Lisa


  1. Thanks Jennifer! And thanks for leaving a comment!

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  3. Thanks Brandie! Toni and Robin had a hand in it too. We had a lot of fun with it!

  4. I had a blast "meeting" Torren.

    Hey, Torren, I've got some skills at being rebellious. What will you give me if I change my allegiance and join your ranks?

  5. My good woman, if you plan to join my ranks you must train hard with the female warriors. and if I decide you need to fill my bed at some point, you must serve me there as well.