Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm Getting Ahead of the Game

My interview with Torren gain quite a few hits, even though there weren't a lot of comments. Sixty to be exact, and I want to thank all of you that joined in. It was really fun to write!

I had planned to have another character interview today, but I was unable to get it done this last weekend. I've been catching up on writing so that we can get the next book out on time. That's my goal anyway.I do plan to get one out this Friday, maybe Jack should be my next interview. He's a fun character and several readers have told me he's one of their favorites. In fact, one of my critique partners loves Jack Snow. 

If you have a favorite and would love to see an interview with that character, drop me a comment and let me know!

In the mean time, back to work for me. I've managed to finish adding any scenes, and or chapters to the novella - Fated, so that we can jump right in and get it done! Toni will be here tonight and we will be back on track.

I also read through the 33 chapters I had written four years ago for - Lore, Book 2 of the Lorn Prophecy - and made the appropriate notes and I'm now going through the manuscript and rewriting. It's still a great story and I think you'll like it!

I have been working on organizing my life, too. Cleaning out all the Fable paperwork and boxing it up and moving on to the new box created for the novella. But I do feel good about getting back to writing. I missed it a lot.

There is so much to publishing a novel, or a series of novels, that sometimes I don't know what to work on next. There's the business aspect to keep up with, the social media, and platforming, and emails, ect... It never ends, but it's well worth it!

My calendar seems to fill up faster now and I try my hardest to stick to it, but I am thinking of a sabbatical from the blog and concentrating on other things for a week. It will probably be the beginning of August when I do this, but I will let you know when I do.

In the mean time I have more character interviews to do, guests, and the old standby, muses. I have also read a few good books lately and might share some of those with you, too. 

Thanks to all of you this has been a wonderful journey for me. There has been a lot of great support from you and I appreciate those who have put up with me through the last two years!

Thanks for everything and I will get you a new interview this Friday and I hope you join in on the fun!

Have a great week, Lisa


  1. Yes, I would like to see Jack Snow interviewed. I read the interview with Torren and enjoyed it a lot, but I couldn't think of anything witty to ask him. :)

  2. I know, it's hard to ask a character a question lol! It was fun to write though and I will start working on the interview with jack today! Thanks for the comment and support!