Friday, July 12, 2013

My Guest - Jack Snow, Character from Fable

Please welcome Jack Snow to the blog today. He’s Stevie, and Alyssa’s best friend and sidekick. His plans after high school are to take advantage of his scholarship to University of Denver for a degree in journalism and to write novels eventually. Right now though, he is caught up in this new world they have discovered and would like to visit there one day.
Welcome Jack and thanks for the opportunity to interview you. I know you’re a very busy boy now a days! Oh look…Alyssa is with you! Come in, come in.

Alyssa shakes her head and whispers, “This is Jack’s interview. I’ll be right outside.”
[Jack grabs her hand] “Oh come on Lissy, it’ll be fun.”
[She pulls away] “No, no. I wouldn’t dream of taking away your spot light, Jack.” [She grins]
I don’t think Jack’s the only smart-ass of the group. No worries, Alyssa. I’ll call to schedule your interview.

[I catch the red creeping over her heart-shaped face as she closes the door]
[Jack turns to me] “K - now where were we? Oh ya. Interview. Go on, Doll Face.” [he smiles]

First, I wanted to ask you, how’d you enjoy your trip to British Columbia? The country rocks – I mean literally. It’s pretty tough going. Not for the faint of heart or fat of ass. Can’t say much about the food, though. I’d be happy if I never saw another deer steak or pan fried fish. The first thing I ate when I got back to civilization was a hamburger and fries. Food of the Gods, I tell ya!

It must have been tough being Torren’s captive. How did you survive?  Seriously? With cunning and bravery, of course. [He straightens up in the chair] I knew eventually I would get away from those thugs; it was only a matter of time. I had to act like a helpless wimp to lull them into a sense of over confidence until I had the opportunity to escape.

Wow…that would have taken a brave man. But didn’t you have a hard time learning how to use the weaponry of the Djen? I mean, it’s not every day you get to work with swords and the bow. The only weapons I need are these guns. [At this he rolls up the sleeves on his t-shirt and flexes his biceps] [I roll my eyes] But ya, the über-archaic weapons they used were hard to get used to. I would have much preferred to shoot them between the eyes [He points his index finger in front of him and makes a pow pow sound].

So, Stevie and her friends didn’t save you? [Jack shifts in his chair a little]. Hey, I’m all about giving credit where credit’s due, but I would have gotten away on my own…eventually. They just kinda sped the escape thing along, ya know? [He sits up suddenly] Hey, you got anything to munch on? Oh, and a soda? [I point to my little frig in my office. As he walks over and opens it, I pull out my candy stash] Thanks! I’m starved! You don’t get this physic by accident [again, the muscle flexing].

Do you miss Stevie now that she is with her soul mate and in Djenrye? Wadda you think? She’s my bud. But it was time to make a little space between us. I didn’t want to break her heart, but I had to move on. The call of the wild, sowing wild oats, and all that. [His green eyes twinkle].

I see. Where does Alyssa fit in your oat sowing plans? Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re an item, exactly. But even you have to admit she is hot! And a gymnast - Have you seen how flexible she is? Man…

Okay, okay. What are your future plans now, Jack? Hmm…well, in the now, covering Wood’s butt is taking most of my time. When I’m not saving him, Alyssa and I are hitting it. And, I’d sure like to go to Djenrye and kick some Rebel ass before all the fightin’s done. I gotta throw down a little pay-back on the jerks who tortured me, you know? Just sayin’…

Well, thanks for your time today Jack. I hope you can check in once in a while and answer any comments or questions.
Absolutely! I am here at your pleasure. [He gets up, and makes a sweeping bow toward me. As he heads out of the office, I catch a glimpse of him grabbing Alyssa’s hand. He swings her around, then into a dip. What a ham] Thanks Doll Face! Had a great time. [Just before the door closes Jack buries his face in the young girl’s neck. I can hear her giggle through the door].
I’m sure he did. Loves to talk about himself…

Please leave Jack a comment, so he can bless you with his wit.

Love, Lisa


  1. Hey, Jack! I'm looking forward to reading more about you. And I was pleased to see your correct use of über-archaic. :D

    1. Of course, your the editor extraordinaire! And since I want to be a journalist, your thoughts are über-valuable! ;-)

  2. Hi, I have just finished reading The Fable and I am now wondering when the next book will be coming out. I thoroughly enjoyed the book but my ebook had double spacing which I didn't like.


  3. Hi Jo, thanks for letting me know your thoughts on Fable! Im so glad you liked the story! We are writing novellas in between each main novel in the series. Each novella gives more detail about Djenrye with stories from the past. The first one will be out in the fall. The second novel in the series will be out hopefully by next summer. I am working on the revisions as we speak. Sorry about the download into ebook. I have read some that are double spaced and some that aren't. Im not really sure how the best way it should be. I will look into it for you. Thanks again and keep in touch for the next book!