Monday, August 26, 2013

Darkness In Fated

We have been working diligently on Fated and it's come to my attention, not by anyone in particular, but my own assessment, that parts of the book is really sad. 

Yes, there's conflict, and those of us who are writers know the mantra - conflict is our friend - and yes there's action and character building. But it is the story of what happened to Shylae's parents and how she ended up on this side of the dimension. And if you've read Fable, you know the truth of it.

I just hope that it doesn't pull people away from the series. The Lorn Prophecy series has action, intrigue, and even a love story, but Fated, and the other side books to the series are the history of Djenrye, and this particular story is about what truly happened to cause the shift in the prophecy and their world. 

Although, there is quite a lot about Torren in it, and if you want to get to know our bad boy, then you'll enjoy that. 

The sad part is something that touches me more personally and a few people I know. I am adopted and it hits home in a lot of ways. I couldn't imagine what it would be to give up your child but there are people that have to face that everyday. 

Since I am adopted I do know how it is for the person who was given up, for whatever reason. It is sad in some ways, but it is also a blessing in others. You learn that family is not based on blood alone and it doesn't matter what your name is, you are your own person and have your own identity. You're you, no matter who raised you and hopefully the people who adopted you loves you and treats you as if they gave birth to you.

That's how it is in my family and I've never had the desire to hunt down the woman that gave birth to me. Not because I'm not curious, of course I am, but because I never felt a void that a lot of adopted people feel.

I'm a little curious, are any of you adopted, or know someone who is? How has it left you feeling? 

I hope that all of you enjoy Fated and understand the reasoning behind it. It is history and needs to be told for the sake of the books. The prophecy begins to unfold and causes serious unrest and turmoil. Something quite a few readers like any more. Look at Game of Thrones, people love the dark stuff.

So when it comes out, sit back and relax and enjoy getting a good look at the world of Djenrye and the conflicts they endure.The series will get deeper and more intriguing  There will be plenty of action and there will be good things that will happen and dark things, too. There can be happiness in darkness if you change the way you look at it. Sometimes, there's a logic to the madness.

Until Friday, I hope everyone has an awesome week.

Love, Lisa


  1. Maybe I'd better switch my normal red gel pen for a permanent marker so my tears don't make the ink run... :)

  2. I have met some individuals who have been adopted, and like you, they don't have a void to fill. So, the need to search for the biological mother, is not on their radar. I had the privilege of counseling foster care children. Some of them felt the need to be united with bio mom. Others just wanted to be adopted by a loving couple. You were blessed by being adopted, by that elusive loving couple. Blessings.

    1. Yes Johnny, I was blessed. I am thankful everyday for the wonderful family I have and that we all live in the same city. It's so nice to get together regularly.