Friday, August 30, 2013

Marketing Before You Publish

I can't believe it is already Friday, what a busy week for me. Time seems to slip through my fingers anymore. I need about 5 more hours in a day to accomplish all the stuff I need to do. One of which, is keeping up with marketing.

But if you didn't establish a marketing base before you published your book, you have a lot more work cut out for you. If you haven't published yet, now is the time to get started promoting yourself and promoting your book.

I had one advantage a few years ago, I listened to advice from the author of Writing for Dummies, Randy Ingermanson. I happened to be invited to one of the HODRW mini-conference's and he was the guest speaker. Great book by the way.

I followed his plan for marketing, well most of it, and started with building my "tribe". What is a tribe you ask? Well, it's the people you hope will be the most supportive of you and your book. Usually it begins with close friends and family, and you build from there. 

I'm going to list what I believe is the best steps to begin your marketing endeavor. At some point though, you will strike out on your own and find your what works best for you. 

1. The first step is to build your base. Start with your email contacts. Send a basic letter to your family and friends asking them if they would be willing to be part of your tribe. Explain that you would like their support for you and your book.

2. Come up with a way to involve them in your road to a published book. I offered to send the first chapter of my book and asked them for feedback, like critiques, and what they thought of the chapter. Once they would send it back with their comments, then I would send the next - up to three chapters. Hopefully you get them talking about your work and see what you need to work on.

3. Don't be discouraged. You will find that a lot of people are busy and you might not hear back right away. That's okay, just send them an email and ask them nicely if they had a chance to read it yet. Some will, some won't. But don't forget to thank people for taking time out of their busy life.

4. Once you are getting some response, send out an email explaining you are setting up a blog for your writing and if they would be willing to join the blog. 

5. Another good enticement is a giveaway for being involved. Maybe a gift card for people that have become a fan and seem to be supportive.

6. Once you feel as though you are gaining some receptive friends, then branch out, start a blog and continue your tribe over email. There are some great ideas out there, and of course the book I mentioned above. 

7. After your blog is set up, begin to invite people to join from your email and facebook page. And if you don't have a facebook page, you need one. 

8. Continue to build your support and then join some writing groups on LinkedIn. I got a lot of support by being involved with other writers. 

9. Make sure to post on these site on a regular bases and if you have a blog, be consistent. Even if you only have time to post a new article once a week, just make sure you do it on that day. 

10. And finally, once you are really close to publishing, set up a fanpage in facebook. By then you hopefully have established followers and they will be willing to be a part of your steps to becoming an author.

What you are doing is building a fan base, or what it's commonly called, a platform. There are other sites you can go on to help build your followers, too, and as you get more involved in the process you will be led to those sites, such as pinterest and google+. 

My suggestions are only where to start your tribe building, I'm sure you will figure out things as you go. You can also search out sites that are drawn to the genre you write in. I have found lately a few sites for readers to buy the books of their favorite type reads.

Getting yourself out there early really helps in your sales. I started two years before I self-published. I mean, after all isn't it about getting your baby out there and hope that people enjoy it and pass it on?

Until next week, have a great weekend everyone and don't forget to drop me a comment and let me know how your sales are going and some ideas that have worked for you!

Love, Lisa


  1. Thank you Lisa, as always, great advice. You should conduct a Webinar. I'm sure that it will be a success. Just a thought. Blessings.

    1. Thanks Johnny, although I am a little camera shy. I hate seeing myself on film lol!