Friday, September 27, 2013

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

Fall! My favorite time of the year! This is no secret for those of you that know me. Although it is true that seasons come and go, this one by far is the best.

There is nothing more cozy or inviting than a cool evening cuddled up in front of a hearth, your favorite drink in hand, watching the embers crackle and pop and smell the richness of the burning pine or oak. 

The sweet aroma of Pumpkin or apple pie baking in the oven, or a brazened turkey. Plaid blankets waiting for you to curl up in. The sound of the game on TV.

Or taking a walk down a mountain path, crisp leaves and pine needles at your feet, cushioning each step. The colors of gold, red, green, and brown, surround you on this fairy tale scene. Lovely! 

The water babbling over rocks and fallen tree limbs, the sound lolling you to breathe and take in the fresh crisp air and beautiful azure sky. 

Squirrels gathering the last of their stash before winter's harsh cold and deep snow sends them inside for the months ahead. Deer curling up together under the trees and enjoying the weak rays of sun before the chilly night.

Ahh...I love fall! Nothing is more spectacular! I love wearing sweaters, drinking hot tea, football, gathering leaves in piles to dive into. Watching horses run and play in the fields, their energy from the fresh air revitalizing their spirits. 

The sky seems clearer, the sun brighter, and the air fresher. The surreal picture of a range of mountains covered in bright fall colors as if an artists brush stroke renewed the scene. 

On Monday we plan to take a drive up to Kenosha pass and take pictures and a hike through the trees. My mom and the dogs are going with us and even though my mom eyes are slowly fading out, she can, for now, still enjoy the fall colors and the crisp air. The dogs will be happy because there are areas we can let them run free for a little while and watch them chase and pounce through the leaves.  

I look forward to it! Until next week, enjoy the wonderful autumn weekend! I'll see you


Love, Lisa

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