Friday, September 6, 2013

Trying To Sell Books

Happy Friday All! This week got away from me. I completely forgot to post Tuesday. The three day weekend through me off. Well, that and the fact that my mother has been having medical issues. I was, and still am, very worried about what her near future holds if she goes blind. But for now, she's doing well.

On a more positive note, it's Friday! Another weekend is just around the corner. When I was in the working class, I worked weekends with most of my jobs. So the weekend for me was Tuesday's and Wednesday's. Hey, at least I got a lot done on those days since everyone else was working.

I had planned to talk about social marketing today. Something that is tough for all of us who either are a sole proprietor, or entrepreneur. Time is not on most people's side and spending the day hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, and the like, just isn't in the cards. All is not lost though.

It is hard to organize your life to begin with, and then add marketing your book to the mix complicates it even more. A few months ago I attended a seminar about this very subject and the speaker had some great suggestions on how to find the time to do this.

The one thing that has helped me the most is purchasing a smart phone. You can keep up with Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest on most. Of course, your email, too.  This is the number one suggestion in my book. 

Number two, pick which media outlet you find is the most responsive and the most comfortable for you. Some like Facebook because of the constant more personal approach. Some like Twitter since it only allows 140 characters per comment. Which ever you pick is fine, just make sure you have a presence on there.

Take Facebook for instance. The best way to make sure you have this presence is to set up a ritual that you follow. Maybe at least twice a day, go in check to see if you have new follows, and take care of that. Then any private messages, then check your notifications. Make comments back, like a few posts, and leave a comment yourself. Preferably, ask a question in your comment to invite people to join in.

If you take 15 minutes twice a day to do this, your presence will grow. Since most people are working in the job force and don't have a lot of extra time, this will at least get you out there and start to grow a fan base. 

But I believe the best thing you can do to create followers and build a fan base, is to write great books! Yes, you still need to build a platform for people to want to search out your work, but if you don't give them a quality novel, then you will lose them entirely.

So take the time to make sure your story(s) are capturing and thoughtful of the reader. Once you feel you've accomplished that, then the social media will help to sell your books. Word of mouth is everything in this business.

What do you do to sell lots of books? Are there certain mantras that have worked for you that maybe you would be willing to share?

I always believe that we can help each other and all be successful. Have a great weekend all! I look forward to any comments you want to leave. I love getting to know you and anything you want to share.

Always, Lisa

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