Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Working on the Basics

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We had a busy one at MileHiCon. Met a lot of great people, from authors, to publishers, to library workers. It was worth it!

The contacts will help us on this continuing journey of publishing a series. I look forward to learning from them. I even learned about other conferences in our genre that we will be looking into in the coming weeks. One of which is Starfest. I hope to get us a vendors table there in the spring.

Now back to reality. This month, like I said, has been very busy, and this week is no exception. My sister, Toni will be here in about 20 minutes to continue our read through of Fated. We are on chapter 9 and I hope to be on at least 11 by the time she leaves today.

This weekend I host my next creative writing class and I had met a young woman at the conference that will be joining us. The topics are POV and the sagging middle. Both of which I will be researching this week.

I want to make sure I cover all the basics. I'm looking forward to our little group growing. Luckily starting Nov. 3rd we will be holding the group classes at a library instead of a coffee shop. That will help immensely! 

I love meeting all these new authors and appreciate their support and giving them support as well. We can become a great team! It's exciting to work with these women for several reasons, one of which is helping them to put out a book that reads as a traditional published book, instead of the obvious self-publish.

I would like to see the self-publish world be just as professional as the traditional. I don't like to read comments from readers on blogs that say they will never buy another self-pub because of the inexperienced writing skills. We deserve to rock too!

So onward and upward!

On Friday, I will be hosting a guest on here, Elizabeth Monroe. I don't know if any of you decided to check out her books, but their wonderful! I hope that you stop by and give her a warm welcome on Friday! She will be in and out of the site to answer any questions or comments. 

Until Friday, I hope all of you have a productive, and prosperous week! See you on Friday!

Love, Lisa

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