Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Are Your Skills Up To Par

Those of you who use social media to promote yourself and your book, that are finding it's not as easy as it looks, I've got some news. You're right, it's not easy. Not that anything worth going for is.

But there is one solution for those of us who see lower than average sales, and that is: Write more books!

I've read a lot of articles about this subject lately, some from successful authors, and have also talked to a few authors doing well in the sales department, that getting more books out will increase your sales. That is, as long as you are putting out great stories, and good writing skills.

See, that's the key, working on your craft. 

Putting out a product that is quality is just as important as quantity. This is why I strive to talk about these subjects so that you (as a writer) realize the importance to a good editor and a critique partner.

Now I know there are those who have excuses, I've made a few myself, but once you accomplish a good team for your book(s), you'll see the real value in it.

None of us can edit our own work, and beta-readers are not editors, so this is an important step(s) in putting out a book(s) that you can be proud of. Especially if you self-publish.

Save some extra cash as you write, and I do have a reasonable editor if you need one, and find an experienced writer for your critique partner, if you can. Work on your skills in the mean time and thicken your skin. Not all you do will be perfect and there will be corrective criticism. Don't be defensive, but learn from the critique. 

No one is perfect and it's through learning that we better ourselves. I hope that all of you writers out there are successful in your endeavor. If you ever need help, just ask!

Until Friday, have a great week everyone!

Love, Lisa

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