Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ah...Christmas Time

Wow! It has been a crazy week and It's only Wednesday, whew, I hope it calms down now! Yes, I know this was supposed to be posted yesterday but I will admit I completely forgot and now I'm forced to catch up with my life.

Between my mother having surgery on Monday, finding out she will be staying with us for two weeks, trying to get the book uploaded, (with all fixes in place) onto Amazon and books ordered, it has been busy. Oh, and I almost forgot, our furnace went out and the HVAC guy was here until 1:00 a.m. fixing it Monday night.

When you find out you have a loved one staying at your home after surgery you want to clean your house, go to their house and gather what they need, including the pets, (Sunny boy will be glad to see his mom!) and set up a room for them. Oh, not to mention, go to the store and buy what they need or prefer. 

My mom still doesn't know if they will allow her to leave today so we are keeping our fingers crossed that all her vitals are now back to normal. She's pretty tough though and I'm sure she will be glad to be out of there.

The book is now loaded to Createspace with 99% of fixes. We combed the book and cover and hope that the majority was caught. We have had to cancel our launch date and rescheduled for the 18th of January. It really bummed us out but there is nothing we can do about it. They cannot get us the order in time for the party. Kind of pointless to have a book signing party without books!

My poor sister, who had surgery right before Thanksgiving, has been over each night, too, trying to get this book ready for publishing. She has been healing, which we all know can be painful, and then add the stress of publishing and Mom, and her life's little woes, can make it a harder process. But she takes after our mom and is hanging in there.

I've cancelled my dentist appointment 3 times now, (they are probably getting a little mad) but that's life. At least I will be able to keep my doctor appointment this morning before I head to the hospital. 

Well anyway, things will get back to normal, I hope. These next few days will still be a little crazy, but we will get though it. I am dragging my husband to go Christmas shopping Friday night. He will probably be taking little naps in between stores knowing him, but we get our sleep when we can!

So as you can see, life's little mishaps have been busy within this household. We have a spare room for "Murphy" who stays with us quite often, but I think it's time to kick him out! (You know, Murphy's law) It's a family inside joke.

I hope your start to December is better for you. Be sure to drop me a comment and let me know your hectic holiday time. I'll be sure to nod my head and give you my sympathies as we muddle through yet another December!

Take care all! See you back here on Friday!

Love, Lisa

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