Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Overwhelm

Well, hear we are, almost Christmas and I haven't bought any gifts yet. It seems like I have no time any more. My mother had surgery last week and is now staying with me and believe me when I say this, she loves being waited on! 

I was getting ready to take my son, Travis, to the grocery store this morning and asked her if she wanted breakfast now or could wait until I got back. Right in the middle of putting on my coat she decides I need to make her oatmeal now. Well, after cleaning up the mess and getting half her original bowl to her, (the other half boiled out into the microwave) I managed to get out the door.

I think it's going to be a long two weeks! 

Normally I don't mind, but I am so far behind on everything that I don't know when I will catch up. I have threatened my husband to make him go Christmas shopping tonight. I have very little time to do it over the weekend. 

We have a book signing at Barnes and Noble on Saturday and Sunday I have my class. My poor husband has been working 6 day weeks and on Sunday he's too tired to drag to the mall. So, I guess we have to go tonight.

I know this blog post is later than I usually post, but I haven't been able to sit down until now, sorry about that. I also have two people's chapters I need to critique and somewhere in there I need to write myself. I do have to clean around here though. My house is getting cluttered with mom's stuff everywhere.

I'm trying hard not to be all "HumBug" but I feel it coming on. I need some cheering up and a maid wouldn't hurt!

Next week is getting busy, too. My calendar is filling up. We decided this year we are going to do something nice for ourselves. We are going to the mountains over night on Christmas eve. I am so looking forward to soaking in the mineral springs water and we have a jacuzzi in our room. Plus with our package deal, we get our choice of 5 different restaurants for dinner. 

Not bad, and we get to see each other without one of us busy doing something else. I know we need it, badly!

Well, I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget to drop me a line. Oh before I forget, Fated is now out on Amazon. Just the paperback, the ebook is coming! I will leave you with the link and hope you decide to give it as a gift! Fated

Thanks for all you do to support us in our writing endeavors and I will see you next week!

Love, Lisa

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  1. Sorry to hear things are so stressed for you but you'll come out of it just fine :D Best of luck on the book signing!