Friday, December 26, 2014

A Success

To be able to say Christmas was a success feels good. We had two wonderful meals at our house with presents and excellent people to share our holiday with. 

First, our brunch on Christmas eve. Our grandkids were so excited about opening presents they hardly ate. We served a huge breakfast and afterward had cheesecake and cookies with coffee. The day was perfect for traveling, (no snow) and everyone seemed to leave with full bellies and new goodies.

Christmas night we had Mom, Cousin Tom, two of my mother's friends - Kathy and Joanne - And my son, Travis. The flank steak was delicious, along with mashed potatoes and homemade hunters gravy, fresh green beans with sliced almonds and rolls. Followed by cheesecake and fresh strawberries or cherry pie and ice cream. 

Dinner Christmas night was much more relaxed, (except for the snowy roads) and the house decorations added to the lovely atmosphere. I really enjoyed the company and the food was a bonus.

Chalk up another successful holiday! Now we have a new year upon us with big plans. Two books will be launched, conferences to sell books, classes to teach, and more fans to join us in Djenrye. I sure hope you continue to come along on Stevie's journey and my companion stories of my fantasy world.

Don't forget to sign up on the new website. I will be adding more questions to Djen Talk, the blog, and soon I will have a new cover to show off for Lore. Lots of fun stuff!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, whether it was Christmas or Hanukkah. I love the time with family and friends and the excellent food, decorations and love.

Have a happy New Year everyone and be safe!

Love, Lisa

Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Holidays

Wow, today totally snunk up on me. I didn't realize it was posting day until fifteen minutes ago. I hope those of you who read my last blog with guest David Chuka enjoyed it and checked out his new book. Looked like a fun read for the kids in your life.

Now onto the holidays, and so far, a very busy one. Since I will be giving two dinners this time I've been busy cleaning and getting ready for a wonderful time with family and friends. I'm feeling it though. 

Scrubbing walls, pulling out furniture, and getting rid of unwanted stuff can take it's toll, but is well worth it. My house is beginning to look great! Still have to clean the carpet this weekend. Ah...the fun never ends.

I'm almost finished Christmas shopping and tomorrow is cookie baking time with my daughter and grandkids - I love making them with the kids.

This time of year can be stressful and overbearing, but I try to remind myself that it's only once a year and well worth it to see the look on the kids faces. I feel so grateful to be able to have this time with my grandkids and family. There is nothing more precious to me than time with loved ones.

I know there are those who don't get that time during the holiday season and my thoughts and prayers go out to all who are alone or hurting. There are plenty of them out there and Rick and I try to give as much as we can to help those in need.

You can always do at least a little something for the downtrodden. Give to Salvation Army, buy a toy for "Toys For Tots", donate to food banks, and give coats to keep others warm. 

I'm sure most of you have a big heart and give during the holidays. The people in need do appreciate the gifts. I think about all the family and friends in my life and my wish for them a happy, healthy holiday. 

It doesn't matter to me whether people say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or any other greeting, it's still time with family and all the joy and love that comes with it. 

Until next week, have a wonderful celebration and may all your dreams come true this season and into the new year that approaches!

Happy Holidays!

Love, Lisa

Friday, December 12, 2014

Please Welcome David Chuka

Please welcome David Chuka as my guest today. He writes wonderful children’s books and has just launched his newest one in his series – Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas. I’m sure his books would be right up my grandson Carson’s alley with titles such as Billy and the Monster who loved to fart. They look like lots of fun!

Welcome to my blog David, I’m so glad you could take time out from your busy writing schedule to answer some questions for us and maybe get some parents and grandparents out there purchasing your books for their little ones.

So, tell me about yourself; married with kids? Grandkids? – Hi Lisa. Thanks a bunch for having me on your blog today. I’m happily married with two children. Ruth is eight and Richard is five. I live in London, England. My best season of the year is Autumn as it’s not too cold and it’s not too hot.

What got you started writing children’s books? – I think the main catalyst was Ruth when she was just starting out to read. There was this one book I downloaded to my Kindle app that she read with such pride every time we went to see her grandparents. I knew I could write something similar to engage her and to cut a long story short, it culminated with me writing my first children’s book – If You See a Doctor. I’ve gone on to write 10 more since then.

Do you do this fulltime or have to suffer a regular job while pumping out all these books? – I have to say I’m still on my way towards making this a full time gig. I work in the financial sector during the day and write on the train on my way to and from work.

I love your titles and I believe most kids would too! How did you come up with that idea? – Thanks Lisa. That compliment is much appreciated. I try and write books that I would have loved to read when I was a wee lad. My most popular series – The Adventures of Billy and Monster – came about on Boxing Day 2012. My family and I were staying over at my Mum’s place for the holiday. On Boxing Day, I woke up early and could hear all the wonderful noises you hear at that time of the day. I tried to get back to sleep but it was an exercise in futility. So I untangle myself from my very cozy duvet and go downstairs to the kitchen. I get a pen and pad and challenged myself to come up with something interesting. I came up with this story about a little boy – Billy – who is an only child and has a Monster as a friend. They do everything together and love each other. There’s only one problem. Monster farts a lot and everyone blames Billy for it. The story shows how children (and adults of course) can behave when they feel rumblings in their tummy that tend to lead to noisy and nose-tingling fumes.

I saw you have also done some animal picture books. My grandkids love those. Can you tell me about them? – My first animal book is titled ‘I Love Baby Animals.’ The idea came about while I was washing plates. It’s a simple book that shows animals and their babies. It was fun doing the research for that book. Like do you know what a baby hedgehog is called? It’s called a hoglet. I’ve followed that up with 2 other non-fiction books and my first fiction Animal book is titled ‘Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost.’ It’s a story about a one-eyed, buck-toothed, multi-tailed sea dragon who gets lost while playing hide and seek and gets rescued by the entire community from the South side of the Zakari River.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not busy writing? – I like going to a good restaurant that serves good food and eating something spicy that makes me sweat while I promise myself it’ll be the last time I eat something hot and spicy. Watching movies and eating popcorn is also another fun pastime.

Do you plan to stick with children’s books or venture out to older children or even adults? – I plan to write more children’s books although I have to admit that I have started writing my first Crime/Mystery book. A whole new ball game to writing children’s books but I’m loving the challenge.

One more question: If someone were interested in writing children’s books what would your advice to them be? – I would say to write a book that you would be absolutely proud to share with a young audience. If it’s a fiction book, then it should have a story that incorporates characters and scenarios that children can identify with and/or be intrigued by. Please make sure that you get a good illustrator to create images that children find captivating.

Thanks for being a guest on my blog! It was wonderful having you and I look forward to reading your books to my own grandkids! I hope to have you back soon!

The Link to order David's books:Amazon Link
To reach David on Facebook: FanPage
To reach David on TwitterTwitter - David Chuka

I hope you leave David a comment. He would love to hear from you and don't forget to check out his wonderful books on Amazon!

Until next Friday, have a great weekend!

Love, Lisa

Friday, December 5, 2014

Catching You Up

Happy Friday all! I hope this post finds you well and happy. There's been a lot going on in the world of the Djen lately - such as a new website that's 99% completed, and looking into other types of social media. I've been working hard on getting the book finished too. Still lots to write and do.

I would like to invite you to my new website and hope you take a look around and maybe take part in questions or ideas about the books with the interactive blog - Djen Talk. It's a fun way to be a part of a working series and maybe get your input inserted into the books.

Today I will be posting a new question and plan to have a discussion if your up for it. I also plan to send out my first newsletter to those who've signed up. I'm very excited to get the site off the ground and running.

With Facebook changing their policy on fanpage posts, those of us who are authors will need to find another way to reach our readers, other than comments on our pages. I believe Facebook has made millions, if not billions off their advertising but I guess it's not enough, now they are expecting small businesses to pay to reach their customers/fans, even new authors.

There's always something interfering with trying to reach your followers so I must branch out and look into other ways. Of course there is Google+ and Twitter. In the mean time, you can always go to the website and we can discuss the books, you can learn about new cover releases, or launches. There will be contests and giveaways and you can be a part of my world of the Djen.  

So I hope to see some of you there!

I will be welcoming on this blog a returning guest next Friday - David Chuka! He had released a new children's book and I look forward to the interview and talking about his work. I hope you join us and welcome David with question and or comments.

Until next Friday, I hope your weekend is filled with fun!

Thanks again for all your support and coming along with me on my journey to becoming an author and writing a series!

Love, Lisa

Friday, November 28, 2014

It's Another Sale

Happy 4 day weekend all!! At least I hope all of you are off for the weekend. When I had a "real" job, I didn't have this weekend off so if you're working I can relate. 

Well, if it's any consolation, you can still shop, that is if you do it on line. I hope that all of you enjoyed Thanksgiving and now look forward to Christmas or Hanukkah and plan to spend it surrounded by family and friends.  

In honor of shopping, and I don't mean Walmart, I'm having a sale on my books. I appreciate small business Saturday and since I'm a small business I thought I would join in - that and the fact that my birthday's coming up so I figured we could do a little celebrating!

So, starting this Saturday through next Saturday you can get Fable and Fated for 99 cents. They would make a great gift for anyone buying a kindle for Christmas. You can download the books on there as an added bonus.

I hope you take advantage of the sale and are still looking forward to Lore coming out soon.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the good food, the lights, and of course the shopping!

I'll see you back here next week! And don't forget my new blog at Djenworld

Love, Lisa

Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

So the big dilemma of what to post today was finally remedied when I realized next week is Thanksgiving and I don't post again until Friday. 

Therefore Happy Thanksgiving to all my family, friends and supporters! 

I hope your day is filled with family, good food, football, and a wonderful nap! To me, there is nothing better than Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday for plenty of reasons, the main one being we celebrate having each other in our lives, instead of having to buy something. 

In my post I am listing all that I'm thankful for but most of all, to wish all of you a warm, wonderful holiday season!

1. Family - My Husband, children, grandchildren, Mom, and all my relatives near and far around the world! Oh, and my sweet Branch!

2. Good friends, old and new. You have all been so supportive and encouraging!

3. My home, and food for the table.

4. My husband's job.

5. My books, and the one's I am writing and plan to write in the future.

6. My fans that look forward to my next books and let me know that!

7. My new website and Heather who is designing it with great patience!

8. Living in the wonderful state of Colorado.

9. Getting to stay home to write and be there for my Mom.

10. The love I have from so many people. And I love them all back!

I am so grateful for my life and those in it. Thank you all for continuing with me on my journey with life and with writing. All of you mean the world to me!

Have a wonderful time next Thursday!

Love, Lisa

Friday, November 14, 2014

Latest Thoughts

Now that it's finally winter I can settle down and focus on writing more. When it's nice out we all want to play, but once that snow and cold hits we are forced to be inside more, and I'm taking full advantage.

Lore is moving along, but not at the pace I would like. Part of it is my lack of confidence at striking out on my own, and part is my foggy head sometimes. But I'm trying to move past my obstacles. 

Yes, we writers are as bad as most artistic people when it comes to self-esteem. We never think it's good enough and go over a chapter until we can't see straight any more. We need strokes to get us moving forward. So I've decided instead to revise a chapter twice, and then send it on to my critique partners. This way if it needs a lot of work, their fresh eyes will catch it and I can fix.

It's actually working out pretty good, although I have been fixing the critiques and sending the chapters back to them to go over one more time - just in case. I know, you're laughing at me, but hey, it works.

I have also decided to check out Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. I thought if I like the group I can start the critiques on Lineage with them, especially since I am half-way finished with Lore and they won't know the story.

My goal is to have both books out in 2015 - Lore by spring (at the latest) and Lineage in the Fall some time. We'll see if I can pull it off.

In the mean time my web designer and I have been working diligently on the website. There's been some issues, but it's almost finished. Now Heather is working on the interactive blog so it's more - well - interactive, and last will be more pictures for the gallery.

I look forward to getting the blog up. I really want to get to know my readers and fans. I think we could have some fun discussing the books and getting their input and ideas. Plus, I plan to use the site for all announcements and contests.

I hope to see more reader on there, since I rarely hear from them on this blog. I do plan to continue posting on this one but it will be used primarily for writing skills.

When you get a spare moment check out the website Djenworld You can read about Lore and Lineage and join in on the interactive blog.

Until next Friday, I hope your weekend is warm and fantastic. Take care and leave me a comment if your so inclined!

Love, Lisa

Friday, November 7, 2014

Secrets To World Building

So recently I received an email from one of my writing group friends who was struggling with world building and wanted to talk about it in our next meeting. I thought this would be a good subject to post about for those of you in the same boat.

World building is a difficult process and one that you continually learn new ways to accomplish it successfully. I discussed on here in the past about the importance of planning your book and this is especially important when you are creating a whole new world.

I believe the first thing you should do is sit down with a notebook and write what this world is going to be like, at least an idea of the basics

1. Who are the characters and what are their roles?

2. What type of people are they? Do you have different magical races or powers?

3. Build on their character traits - give them personalities.

4. What type of powers do they have, if they have powers.

5. With powers, they need to be consistent. You can't add a sudden power unless you've built up that this could happen.

6. What does this world look like? Is it more of a Sci-fi scene, or more epic fantasy?

7. Are there monsters? Dragons?

8. Is there a certain relic that creates a quest?

9. Who are the leaders of this world and what are their laws?

10. Is this on another planet? Is it in another time?

11. What is the basic infrastructure? Such as , what do they eat? Wear? Religion?

12. Last but not least, invent a history of this world.

Once you have figured out the basics of your world, then you will move onto the next step.

1. Create an outline for each chapter. Maybe do the first 5 to get started.

2. Create a graph of important events and details as you move along.

3. Create a character outline that you continually build on, like you are actually creating a person(s).

4. And finally, use your imagination - no holds bar.

It is good to know what is basically going to happen in the end, even if it's several books away in a series. This does keep you in line of how the story is going to go and keeps you moving it forward instead of stalling.

Remember you will need to touch on basic necessities, such as where do they go to the bathroom? How do they bathe, ect... How do they pray and who are their Gods? What about sex? Do they have it out of wed-lock? Do they have marriage? What about alcohol? Drugs? Herbs? 

There is so much to figure out and some of it you might decide on as you write, but just remember to keep it consistent throughout the book(s). 

So good luck with building your world. Take it one day at a time and keep track.

See you back here next week!

Love, Lisa

Friday, October 24, 2014

Update On Website

My website designer, Heather, has been working diligently on the site and I have to say, it's looking great! I have to make a decision on the name of the blog and write an introduction for it, and I have to send some more pictures, but other than that, it's ready. 

I sure hope that some of you sign up for the news letter and join in once in a while to the interactive blog. I think it could be a lot of fun getting you readers involved and I plan to have contests and of course, giveaways! Djenworld

The blog will be your ideas and thoughts about the books, and Djenrye. Also, what you would like to see or what you think will happen once Stevie gets there.

I'm looking forward to having people a part of the process and talking about the books. It should be an incredible journey for Stevie and her friends. 

The blog will be linked to my Facebook fan page and interaction can happen on both ends. I'm still conflicted on the name of the blog and I plan to do a contest on my fan page. Whoever comes up with a great name will win a prize and notoriety of course. 

So join in on the fun and be a part of my writing process. I think having my readers a part of everything will benefit not only the books, but the journey itself.

Hope to see you there! 

Next week I will not be posting. I am working as a ballet judge and will be busy all week. I do plan to be back the following week after the elections.

Thanks for all you do! Lisa

Friday, October 17, 2014

Get It Right Before You Bite

I've had such a busy week and trying to sit down and write hasn't happened much. Although, I'm sure my critique partners are sick of seeing the same chapter for the last few weeks. 

It's not for the lack of time they keep getting the same one, but for the lack of confidence on my part. My low self-esteem has kicked in with writing about this side of the portal. When it comes to cop stuff and FBI stuff, I haven't got a clue and trying to make it exciting and to show verses tell has been tough. 

I think it's finally coming along though. I am ready to send it on to Michael and get his take on it. 

I've realized that the voices are different and hard for me to fix it so it's not obvious, but I'm trying. I will conquer this one way or another! I haven't given up.

Which brings me to the topic of this post, don't just settle with your revisions and send it off anyway. 

If you think it's not up to snuff, then work on it until it is. Sometimes you need to set it aside for a bit and move on, but come back to it later and work on it some more. You don't have to give in, as it were, to the need for getting the book finished, it's done when you say it is, and not before.

I think a lot of writers just depend on their editor to fix it, but they are editors, not authors, in most cases, and they can't write your particular voice. Take the time to get it where you want it. You'll find the more you write, the better your writing will become.

I know of a few times in the past where I read something I wrote and was shocked by how far I've come. Don't just settle for the chapter or scene, or even the manuscript as being mediocre, go through it again.

That's my advice, and I hope I will take my own and continue to strive for my novel to be the best I can make it. I have to feel good about hitting that publish button!

Until next week, have a great weekend and don't forget to drop me a line. I know we all lead busy lives but I would love to hear from you!

Love, Lisa

Friday, October 10, 2014

Blurb For Lineage

Happy Friday all! I hope you have wonderful plans this weekend. We are heading up to Buena Vista for another round of hot springs, good friends and relaxing. I am so looking forward to it, I need to relax with all that's happened lately and then settle into cold weather and lots of writing.

I thought since I wouldn't be around much that maybe I would leave you with something to read. I did manage to finish the blurb for Lineage - Book 2 of The Djenrye Chronicles which will be featured on the website and thought I would share. It will hopefully give you a feel for the book and I would relish any comments.

I hope it will help you to look forward to reading it next year! Thanks for all your support and enjoy!

Lineage introduces Delyn, the first Androne born in Djenrye, ten thousand years before Stevie’s time.
His story begins eight summers after Delyn and his family were moved from their hidden arbor community of Elm Toch, to a village the Gods had erected especially for the new race—the Andrones.
A handful of Androne’s and their Wood Elf families live in the town situated between the cities of the Djen. Mayza, the first female Androne, born two years after Delyn, is his only friend. Delyn is now fully grown and over a foot taller than the Wood Elves, his curiosity becomes an obsession. Why is he and the other Andrones different that their elders and siblings? Why did the Gods create them? What was the purpose?
He decides to spy on secret meetings between the God-Soldiers, who police the village, and the Forefathers, a race of beings sent by the Gods to govern all of Djenrye. Mayza warns him that to be caught would bring severe punishment—he could be beaten or worse.  
He doesn’t listen and follows Brom, one of the Forefathers, to the meeting anyway. What he hears creates more questions and strengthens his conviction to find answers.
The clandestine meeting is only a preamble to a great gathering of all leaders. Djen, Mage, and the Forefathers are called to Delyn’s village to discuss matters which concern the Andrones and their role.
It does not go well for Delyn and the others. Rounded up by the God-Soldiers, all Andrones, male and female, are forced to go to Phraile Highlae by order of the Gods.
 The first night of their journey the female Andrones were secreted away while they slept.  No one will tell Delyn where they have been taken. Scared for Mayza, but unable to fight the God-Soldiers, he has no choice but to continue on.
Once in the city he is told he will be trained as a warrior of the Gods. Delyn befriends Claren, a younger Androne from the village. As they begin their combat training, Delyn keeps a solemn promise to himself. He would continue to spy on their leaders for answers to their evolution and where the girls were being kept.
Several moon cycles pass and Delyn decides to escape from Phraile Highlae. He must find Mayza and rescue her, but the journey is short lived when he is caught. His punishment is to be carried out in a place he never knew existed.

He finds himself in an unknown hostile land, locked up like an animal, starved, and is forced to fight for his life. He holds on to an escape plan from this terrible place, but the abuse at the hands of his captors is changing him. His dream of freedom slips away as he becomes what the Forefathers want—a cold, hard, calculating soldier—of the Gods.

I hope that the blurb intrigues you and your ready to read it! Have a nice weekend everyone.
Love, Lisa

Friday, October 3, 2014

Kate Wrath Author of E

Please welcome Kate Wrath, Author of E, the first book in her dystopian series. Although dark, Kate brings to life the emotions of her characters in an unimaginable world.

I'm looking forward to reading her series and I hope you give her novels a try. Don't forget to leave Kate a comment, I'm sure she would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks so much, Lisa, for having me on your blog.

Today I’d like to talk a little about plotting difficulties, and how I handle working through them.

Honestly, plotting has always been the most difficult aspect of storytelling for me.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  Firstly, a long time ago, I heard the old adage that everything’s been done before, and unfortunately, it stuck with me.  My plotting was a happy little ladybug that someone squished with unnecessary force.  Secondly, I have always been about the characters.  I tend to write for myself, and in that respect, I’m perfectly happy if nothing is happening, so long as my characters are growing.  

For many years, I wrote stories that could be considered incredibly long character sketches.

The good news is also twofold:  Nowadays my character-building gets a lot of positive comments.  And beyond that, great plots can evolve out of great characters.  So, in essence, solid character-building is an excellent starting point for plotting.  However, it is just that-- a starting point.  It is vitally important to build in excitement and high emotion.  Things need to be happening.  There’s another old adage about “sending in the guys with guns.”  Rather than take this literally, I prefer to think of it as a reminder to monitor the emotion-levels of my story, and when things start to feel a little flat, add something to spice things up.  This could, literally, be guys with guns, or it could be anything else that will tantalize your reader.  For example a plot twist.

Plot twists are not really easy, especially when you are new to writing.  Detaching yourself from the story is a difficult task, and one that must be done in order to tell if something is surprising.  Oftentimes, things we think are surprising are actually predictable and contrived.  That said, I believe that the best way to get a feel for effective plot twists is to examine stories that you love.  What surprised you?  Why did you like it?  How did it make you feel?  These are all excellent questions to ask and reflect on.

Reflecting on our own stories is equally important.  I am currently polishing Evolution, the second book in the E series, as I prepare for release on November 12th.  As I worked through my edits, I noticed that there was a section in the middle of the novel that, plot-wise, just wasn’t cutting it.  I knew it needed major changes, but for a long time, I didn’t know what to do with it.  So I sat down and pondered on the purpose of that section.  What did I want to show and why?  Then I kept the main elements and trashed the rest.  

With my goal in mind, I worked through a bubble graph. (I don’t usually work this way, but I needed to get it down visually.)  I included important things that were obvious and started charting new ideas off of that.  As things filled out, I connected ideas that worked together and jotted down notes on the connections.  The going was difficult at first.  My creativity just wasn’t feeling it with this section.  But as I got more information down on paper, I had a big breakthrough.  Ideas opened up, and something surprising came out of it.  

Now, I’m really excited about this section and so glad that my process took me through all the difficulties.  The point is, sometimes you have to push through and use methods that are not the most comfortable for you, but persistence and flexibility usually pay off.

Another important point I want to touch on is achieving consistency.  In a story, everything has a reason.  Cause equals effect.  If reason, logic, and motivation are not in place, your readers will notice.  Sometimes reasons and motivations will be hidden, but this is an entirely different thing from the author not knowing them.  As an author, you should always know the reason for everything.

That said, some things will slip through your fingers during the writing phase, and you will have to go back and fix them during editing.  The key to editing-in explanations is to feed the reader the explanation before they need it.  This keeps the reading experience smooth.  Just imagine your reader spending two chapters grumbling about plot inconsistencies because something you wrote didn’t make sense.  Suspension-of-disbelief is broken.  The reader disconnects from the heart of the story.  Then, eventually, an explanation is provided.  But given too late, it cannot undo the disbelief.  Chances are, you’ve lost your reader for good.  

So take the time, think all the plot lines through and make sure they line up.  Fix anything that you suspect might be a stumbling point for your reader.  The result is worth every bit of time and effort you put into it.

All this barely touches on the vast topic of plotting, but hopefully there are a few points that beginning writers will find helpful.  Above all, I encourage you to write for yourself, and to do it because you absolutely love the story.  Happy writing!

You can reach Kate at the following links

Thanks again Kate for your wonderful writing advice and thanks for being on my blog! 

I hope you enjoyed Kate's insightful article and will check out her new book. I don't think you'll be disappointed! 

Until next Friday, have a great weekend!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Struggling Along With Blurbs

For those of you who've been on my fanpage lately you know I've had major issues with writing a blurb for Lineage - book 2 of The Djenrye Chronicles. I know, you think what's so hard about writing a blurb? Actually in a lot of ways, it's as difficult as writing a synopsis or query letter. 

The idea of a blurb, or teaser, is to outline your story in a few paragraphs. Within that outline you must introduce your characters, their basic conflicts, the antagonist, and at the same time incise the reader to want to read the book. Not as easy as you think.

Now, I know I should be able to do this with my eyes closed, right? Wrong! Especially when your own critique partner is asking lots of questions about the story line in her critiques. Not that she shouldn't be asking those questions, it's the fact that she did, which leads me to believe so will the reader.

So, onto fixing the marks...3 days later I'm still pulling my hair out! Finally I had enough and at 2 PAGES of blurb, I began the necessary cutting, if you know what I mean. I had to shorten this tremendously. 

So I did. I cut out all kinds of stuff. Then I text my other critique partner and told her what I was going through. She now has my mess of a blurb and hopefully can make some sense out of it. 

Onward and upward, I say! 

In the mean time, I did manage to write the blurb for Lore - book 2 of The Lorn Prophecy. I thought I would share it on here and you guys can let me know what you think. I would love to know if it entices you and makes you want to get the book ASAP.

Lore – Book 2 of The Lorn Prophecy

Stevie has crossed through the portal from her home in Terra-hun to the mysterious world of the Djen.
Lore takes the reader into Djenrye, a pristine world, yet filled with strife, and follows Stevie’s journey to becoming their new Guardian.  She is mesmerized by the untouched wilderness and fantastical beings of this new realm. As she traverses this ancient world, still hunted by the Rebellion, she gains new protectors and friends. A Faerie Queen and a daughter of the Behm become her sentinels, along with Colton—the love of her life.
New and unexpected enemy's surface. Colton, afraid for her life, uses all his power and knowledge to guide her through the country while protecting her from unforeseen dissention and threats. The untouched paradise has become a place of anxiety and fear for Stevie and her role as the Guardian.

Meanwhile back in Terra-hun, Wood, Jack, Alyssa, and Jan struggle to keep the secret of Djenrye and Stevie’s heritage. FBI agents have been called in to investigate the odd circumstances of Jan Barrett’s attack. As the Feds dissect the case, Detective Wood and the group try to stay one step ahead of them. The last thing they need is to turn from victims to suspects in the murders of two Golden police officers.
One of the FBI agent’s has also witnessed strange phenomenon and knows there is more to this story. He becomes Wood’s worst nightmare as he closes in on the truth.

Wood and the others must protect the portal and the people on the other side. To do so might mean the hardest decision of their lives—walking away from the only world they have ever known.  

Well, there you go. Did you like this one? Are you ready to read Lore?
Thanks for all your support in my writing endeavors. You guys are wonderful!
Have a nice weekend, Lisa

Friday, September 19, 2014

The New Adventure

I've been working on my new website and it seems to be coming along pretty well. It's tough getting things the way you want them through email, but my designer, Heather, and I are figuring it out.

If you get a minute, check it out. Djenworld There's still a lot we need to add and change, but you'll get the basic idea.

I would love your thoughts and suggestions. Doing this type of thing is not my strong suit. I am planning to cut down the amount of tabs on top and have drop down pages so that is already in the works.

I will also be adding blurbs about the upcoming books in the next year so you'll get a chance to read the teasers. I would love suggestions on where to add links ect and pictures of me and the books.

Anyway, I hope you like it so far. Also, if you're having trouble loading the page or seeing it in its entirety please let me know.

This is a new adventure, one I hope is successful in getting the word out about the books and a place we can discuss them. I think it would be fun to get ideas and thoughts from those who would like to participate in the interactive blog.

There will be contests, discussions, giveaways, ect. Any ideas for the blog would be great too.

I just want to have all of you a part of the world of the Djen. Once the series is finished I think you'll really enjoy the entire read.

Thanks for all your support everyone. You've all been great spreading the word and sharing Fable. I appreciate all of you!

Love, Lisa

Friday, September 12, 2014

My Mother My Friend

I just have to tell the story of a remarkable woman - my mom, Carol. I have had the opportunity to spend a lot more time with her in the last few years and have come to the conclusion that she's amazing. 

As I grew up we couldn't stand each other. I was the rebellious teen, and she was the closet alcoholic. She has recovered since then, in fact for about 18 years. 

We still fought for a long time. Actually until about 12 years ago when we had a sit down - let it all hang out - discussion. After that, things got a lot better between us.

Sure it took a while, but eventually we both realized we had much to offer as people and as mother and daughter. 

Once my father was diagnosed with Dementia, things really changed. She realized that we were there for them and would support her through the terrible ordeal. There were quite a few trips to and from the nursing home for two years, spending time with Dad. We (my sister and I ) took them out for breakfast, or drives around town, finished off with ice cream and coffee. I miss my father and I miss our time together as a family.

Since my father passed away 2 years ago, Mom and I have spent a lot of time together. See, recently she lost most of her sight. I mean, that's not the only reason we spend time together, we were doing it before, but now she relies on me to take her on errands and doctor's appointments. 

We find all kinds of things to do together. We go to the therapy pool, out to lunch, walks or hikes, the doctors, even shopping. But the important thing is I've gotten to know her as an adult woman, not just my mother.

She has tons of energy for 80 years old. She's independent, reliable, giving, resourceful, and loves to sing out loud and laugh. Her little dog, Sonny Boy, is the light of her life. To watch the two of them is funny. They are completely depended on one another and act like mother and son. 

I'm so glad that I've had this extra time with her. Since I am at home writing I am able to do so. I'm grateful for our days together, even if it's running errands. She has been so supportive of my writing and always is a positive influence, especially now that I'm writing without my sister.

I wouldn't trade my time with her for the world and I now know how important your time with your parents is. I want to thank her for all she's done for me and to tell her to keep on truckin', she's got a lot of life to live yet and I will be right by her side.

I hope all of you get special time with your families. Have a great weekend all and I'll see you back here next Friday! 

Love, Lisa

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's A Brave New World

I recently was reading an article about transition in writing and realized that I'm going through my own major changes. Not with, say a scene. or even a chapter, but writing all together.

Since Toni decided to leave our duo, I've had to come to terms with our voice together would not be the same as mine alone. But it's not going to be for the lack of trying.

It is frustrating in the first place, when you write a chapter that's completely rough draft, and then you go back through trying to make it flow better, and it just doesn't sound the same. Well, and again, for obvious reasons.

I do plan to work on this because I know our voices together made for an awesome book and I don't want to let anyone down. I know the story will be there, but I can't 100% guarantee its style being what you are used to from us. 

It's true, this is only the beginning of this transition and as time goes on it should get better. So bare with me, it might take a little extra time, but I am hoping the outcome will be all worth it!

Are you a reader who is sensitive to the writers voice? Or are you a writer who's style is not where you would like to see it? Let me know your thoughts on the writers voice.

On a lighter note, I am working on the website and plan to get a lot finished in the next two weeks. It was a rough week for me and my head wasn't in it, but I'm getting better.

Have a great week all. I hope your looking forward to Fall, I know I am. We are going to Buena Vista in a month to enjoy the wonderful fall colors and soak in the hot springs. I look forward to some relaxation. I know I need it!

Love, Lisa

Friday, August 29, 2014

New Paths

Oh this ever changing world we live in. Your life can change on a dime, or so I've found out a few times in my short existence. The newest one, Toni and I will no longer be writing the series together.

Not that I wanted it that way, but she decided to take other paths. I guess it's just the way it goes sometimes. Nothing I can do or say to change her mind, but I can live with it.

After all, this is my story and I plan to continue writing it. I did enjoy our time together and now I'm on my own. I can do it, so don't lose faith in me. It's all good!

I have lots of support from my family, critique partners and writer friends and of course, fans. It's nice to know so many people have my back and plan to help me through this time in my life. 

So off to new trails, as it were. 

I am hoping to get through the book a little faster now than was previously expected. My goal is still this winter, but at least it's better than next summer. I hope all of you are looking forward to Lore. So far, I believe the book is coming along nicely and I have lots of plans for its continuation. 

Hang in there my friends, it will happen!

I am on chapter 18 and halfway though it. I am trying to keep to the "voice" you're all familiar with. I will do my best since we wrote together for 3 years, I'm sure I will stick to it. 

You've all been wonderful and very supportive through my writing journey and I appreciate all of you! Thanks for being there for me!

Just to let you know, too, I am still working on the website. My plan is to focus on it hard this next week and get it published soon. I am really looking forward to having it up and running. I think it will be fun!

So, on that note, I will close this post for now. Have a wonderful labor day weekend and don't forget to relax!

Love, Lisa

Friday, August 22, 2014

I Need A Weekend Away

Have you ever had one of those days where you know you should've gone back to bed? Where you wake up and you're kind of in a fog and know the last thing you should do today is be around other people?

That's me today, so forgive me if I write something too "off the wall". 

These are the days that I don't dare work on the manuscript for fear I will really mess it up. I try to find things to keep my mind occupied on anything other than writing. 

Trust me - I need to stay away from the book!

What I need to do is read, take a hot bath, sleep, watch a movie, maybe even clean...but I really don't have the energy for that last one. No, I am taking it easy today.

My internet connection has been acting up, my TV's cable doesn't work half the time (we've had Comcast out here 3 times already) and my phone almost died the other day. Thank goodness I figured out how to fix it at least, need the phone!!

So, today I will ramble on here, and probably Facebook, and look forward to tomorrow in the hope that my head is back on straight. And no, I don't do drugs. 

I think on days like this you should take it for what it's worth. Call in to work and tell them you've got the "croup". Take a vacation day and make it a long weekend. Go to Starbucks and then right back home, (that's what I did this morning), or whatever it takes to come back to this world and leave the weird, foggy dimension behind.

I think I need a weekend in Buena Vista - badly!

Have a great day all and don't forget Toni and I are on Bittenbybooks We look forward to seeing our friends join us!

Love, Lisa