Friday, January 17, 2014

A Great Event

We are so excited for our launch tomorrow! I can't wait to see our loyal fans here at home and I'm sure our loyal fans outside the state will be with us in spirit as well.

It really wasn't a tough decision whether or not we should have another launch for this book since it was our second one, but it's a side book to the series and will kind of have it's own series, just not what you think.

It will be a collection of stories about Djenrye's history and give you more insight to our made up world. We could probably write 10 books in the Djenrye Chronicles series alone. But we shall see.

Our hosts, Truett and Shana Mickey, are great people and run an excellent venue, Bean Fosters. They are making special goodies for the event and have delicious latte's for those of you that enjoy yummy coffee.

They also have a large collection of new and used books and plenty of nooks to quietly settle in a comfy chair and escape to another world. Reading for me is a way to get away. Whether you're the detective on the tale of a killer, a pirate searching for treasure or a girl from a small town who is now a Guardian in a world she never knew existed. 

I hope you can make our celebration on Saturday and for those of you that can't we appreciate all your support. We know you're pulling for us and our fantastic story(s). Thanks for purchasing Fable and leaving your awesome reviews and thanks ahead of time for buying Fated.

I promise Fated will be on digital copy soon for those of you who are waiting to download the book. It's been a learning curve for Toni, but I think she is almost there and we plan to have it uploaded to Amazon next week.

Mikey will be there too with his newest prints for everyone to check out! We love Mikey's art and he will be doing a painting of Stevie and Colton for our upcoming website! Can't wait!

Also, a big thanks for our critique partner Janet Baltz for taking the pictures last time and has agreed to take them this time, too. Both Janet and Robin have been wonderful critique partners and great friends! I look forward to the day we throw them their launch parties!

This should be a great weekend with not only the launch but the big game as well. And then we have a birthday party to top the weekend off! My niece Sonia's birthday is Sunday and I wish her all the love and light the world has to offer! Happy birthday Sonia!

Until next Tuesday, have a fun and busy weekend all!

Love, Lisa