Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Teacher Is Learning Too

Due to the snowy weather we had to cancel our class this weekend. I was looking forward to seeing everyone and the topic was building your platform, which is a tough thing to do. I guess we will move it to the next class.

Our group is growing, which is nice. There's 14 of us now, and two of which are teens. It's so nice seeing these young people take their writing seriously. I wish I would have when I was younger, but I guess it all happens the way it's supposed to happen.

The next thing I would like to see in our group are some guys. I know men usually don't like to get too involved in these types of groups, but it's nice to have their energy and ideas. We will see what ends up happening.

I am running out of ideas, and or, creative writing skills, but we are starting to break up into critique groups now. This particular skill is one I am working to better myself in also.

I used to be drawn to only marking the punctuation mistakes that I found, but I have since learned that those have changed dramatically since I was in school. For one, people here in the states read differently than those across the pond, or so I am told.

They are sticklers over there, much more so than the American writer. Actually I like to read books from writers over there because of that. The writing is so much tighter and flows much better. 

I am teaching myself, based on my own critique partner's marks, to look at the whole sentence-paragraph now and determine if a lot of other writing skills are being implemented properly. Such as POV's, getting rid of "junk" words, or the actual scene set up.

It's helped me a lot in my own writing. I see mistakes and other skills much more effectively. I do appreciate all that I've learned in the past 5 years and I like passing it on to other new writers.

Do you have a critique partner or join writing groups? If not, why? I find they have brought me a long way in my writing. It feels more professional now.

Well, I hope all of you have a wonderful week. Leave me a comment sometime. I love to hear from you!

Love, Lisa

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