Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

I know today is Valentine's day and some celebrate it and some want to forget it, but I tend to think that it's not just about a couple who are in love, but all people you love.

I have invited my daughter and her (almost) husband and my grandkids to dinner tonight. I haven't spent much time with them in months and would enjoy nothing more than some good steaks and good conversation. Not to mention, spending some time with my munchkins!

My husband and I love having the family around. I've always been one to throw the birthday parties or have holiday celebrations. Who are the people that are the closest to you? Your family and friends. 

But I do have a real life love story. My husband and I were married, the first time, in 1992. We had lived together for 6 yrs before we tied the knot. We ended up, because of family issues from where he was from, divorcing only after 4 yrs. 

15 yrs later he sent me a message on Facebook that was very romantic. Rick always was romantic, and after that we fell in love all over again. Between love letters through emails and phone calls, he moved back out to Colorado in 6 short weeks from the first message.

We remarried 5 months later, and on the same date as before, and have not looked back! This year will make 4 yrs of marriage again and I am so happy that we decided to rekindle our relationship.

I won't bore you with all the details, but he was worth the second look into my heart. So everyday with him is special to me and I cherish the love, support, and respect we have for each other.

He truly is the love of my life, in all ways!

Happy Valentines, to my husband Rick, and to all my friends and family. I hope you have loved ones to spend the day with. Or at least, a special someone with a romantic meal and candle light.

Love, Lisa

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