Friday, May 16, 2014

A Peek into Lore Book 2 of The Lorn Prophecy

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Thanks to all of you who have supported us and put up with us too! I will leave you today with an excerpt from Lore, a teaser if you will, and see you back here next Friday!

A little set up: This is the first time the people of Djenrye see their long lost Guardian! warning - Spoiler alert!

Silence followed them as Kamm led the Guardian down the aisle toward the far end of the Palantine. Colton thought she might lift her head and gaze at the two tiered balconies, packed as full as the main floor with onlookers. To his astonishment she kept her head forward in the direction of the dais and its seven empty chairs. She walked with all of the composure, strength, and pride of a returning Guardian.
The first clap of applause startled Colton. His hand instinctively went to his sword hilt. Marise’s touch on his arm was all that prevented him from drawing his blade.
One clap followed another, and soon the room echoed with the sound. To it were added shouts of: “Ty Greial tsa-amamlea”, the Guardian returns, and “Curei octal Shylae”, all hail Shylae.
Shylae never stopped her forward movement, but she gave a slight bow of her head to the left and then to the right. Her arm went up, and Colton realized she must be touching her hand to her breastbone in the traditional honored Djenrye greeting.
The cheers and applause became thunderous.
She has won their hearts.
Kamm stopped in front of a long polished cherry-wood table with five high-backed, velvet-cushioned chairs. He pulled the center one out and motioned Shylae to sit. When he took his place at her left, Colton noticed a blur of white hair and lavender robes directly behind his father. Esalon slipped into the seat to the left of Kamm, with a nod to Colton who approached to sit on Shylae’s right with Marise beside him.
Once the five were seated, the cries in the Palantine died down to a loud murmur.
Shylae leaned closer to Colton and whispered, “I am so nervous.”
He reached out to caress her hand. “It does not show through your demeanor. Worry not. You will awe the Council as you have your people.”
Shylae sat straight in her chair, but her eyes scanned the area around and above her. Colton followed her gaze, which rested when it fell upon groupings of the different races. She opened her mouth, perhaps to ask about what she saw, but Colton hushed her with a finger to his lips.
Her eyebrows creased and the stubborn look that both frustrated and endeared her to him, crossed her features. Before she could do anything foolish, a Djen who had been seated at the base of the dais rose. He brushed his long red hair over one shoulder and made an announcement. Kamm cleared his throat loudly. The Clerk of the Council looked at Kamm, then Shylae, and this time spoke in a heavily-accented version of the Hundye tongue. “All rise for the entrance of the Council.”
One by one, the Council members and Supreme Leader emerged from the doors behind the dais, the ones shielded by the Plates and Tyré banners. The crowd quieted as the representatives took five of the seven chairs.
Shylae pulled on Colton’s sleeve.
He whispered, “The two empty seats are for you and my father.”
Her eyes widened, and she made the subtlest shake of her head.
Colton covered her hand with his and tried to give his most reassuring smile. “Not this day, my love, but soon.”
Manem, the Supreme Leader, stood and banged the marble table with his gavel. The onlookers sat down. His gaze settled on Shylae, who fidgeted slightly. With a motion of his hand he beckoned for her to stand.
“I present to you our Guardian, Shylae, child of Raynok.”
He has the prudence to speak in Hundye.
The clear, ringing voice of the Clerk of the Council repeated the words in Djen, “Letridea, Greial Shylae, meaki ai Raynok.”
The pendant at Shylae’s chest cast sparkles of light as it rose and fell. She slowly stood. With a glance at Colton, who hoped his answering look gave her courage, she turned to face her people. Bringing the middle finger of her right hand to her chest, in a voice steady and strong, she said, “Dyeyae.”
The crowd exploded once again.
Manem smiled benevolently and waited for the cheering to subside. Shylae returned to her seat and the Supreme Leader held up his hand to quiet the last of the applause.
“This special session reconvenes. Kamm, child of Braydin, Acting Guardian of Tyré.” Manem made an upward sweeping motion with his hand.
Colton’s father stood and bowed his head toward the Council.
“You have made a plea for your son to speak on behalf of your request?”
Kamm nodded.
“Very well,” Manem turned toward Colton. “Colton, child of Kamm, approach and state your reasoning.”
Shylae grasped Colton’s hand as he stood. He leaned over her, brushing a lock of hair on the side of her head. “Your love gives me strength,” he whispered.
She released him and he approached the Council. Colton’s stomach knotted. I pray the Gods give me the words to convince the people. I am a Warrior, not a delegate. He walked toward the orator box.
A scream halted his steps. He whipped around.
Shylae—eyes wide, mouth open—was thrown back in her chair.

The crowd erupted in chaos.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into Djenrye! Have a great weekend everyone!

Love, Lisa


  1. OMG why did you end on that CLIFFHANGER???????????? *giggle* I love those but eeekkkkk! I can't wait to get my hands on this next book! :D

    1. YAY! I'm glad your looking forward to it!! Thanks for all your support my friend!!

  2. It was quite a cliff-hanger. Great world building, Lisa.

    1. Thanks Mary! there's plenty more where that came from! ;-)