Friday, June 20, 2014

An Introduction and New Art

Hi everyone! I hope this post finds all of you well and happy! I thought that I would take this opportunity to introduce our new artist for the books and website, Johnny Morrow. I also thought I would show off the two characters he designed for us, Stevie and Colton.

We found Johnny on an artist work for hire site and looked him up ourselves once we saw his art and that he lives right here in Denver. Johnny is a wonderful artist, especially with fantasy. Once we told him what we wanted he managed to, not only paint what we wanted, but get it to us within two weeks. What a relief to have someone you can count on when time is short.

It was great working with him, too. He was patient and a nice guy all around. you have to be patient when you're dealing with Toni and I. <grin>

You can find Johnny at this link: Johnny Morrow

So, Thanks Johnny for your wonderful pictures of Stevie and Colton and I look forward to working with you on the new map next. You are a refreshing addition to the Lorn Prophecy series team!

In other news, we are on chapter 15 in Lore. It has been a serious WIP but
it's getting better all the time. I actually just read through to chapter 12 and felt that the story is moving along great!

Toni is going on vacation though, so when she returns we will hit it hard. I hope to be at least close to finishing by the end of the year. It does make it tough to get books out when there are two of you. Either one gets sick, or has a vacation, or things pop up, like a wedding, but I promise we will work hard this Fall to get Lore finished and in your hands.

After all, that is the goal! I think you will all like it, though, and hopefully feel it was worth the wait. Please leave me a comment on what you think of the characters. I love hearing from you!

                               One of Johnny's pieces of art that I love!

Have a great weekend. We are off to the mountains for camping with the grandkids - which should prove interesting!

Love, Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa, Sorry I haven't commented on your post. Still busy with the projects previously mentioned. Glad you were able to find find Johnny. It's good to have a Johnny around. They deliver. :) What a work of art! I would not let him go. Fantastic! Talk to you soon. Regards to Toni. Blessings.

    1. Thanks Johnny! I'm glad you like the character renditions! I hope all is well with your project. keep me informed!