Friday, June 6, 2014

We Have a Wedding to Enjoy

With everything going on I am running late. My daughter's wedding is this weekend and guests came in from out of town today. We have to drive to the other side of town everyday for the next five days, so needless to say, I won't be around much.

Thanks for showing Mary support and leaving her comments. I know she really enjoyed your posts! She is a wonderful lady and writer and her book would be great for any kids you have in your life. 

Johnny Velazquez, you're the winner of Mary's drawing!! Congratulations! I'm sure you know a kid you can give the book to!

Now onto my post for this week. Things have been picking up for Toni and I, which is great! We are really close to finishing up our website and getting it published. We are very excited about that!

Our list is slowly growing of people signing up to our newsletter and blog and we had two professional reviews posted on Amazon the last week. I am hoping to get out a first edition for the newsletter in the next couple of weeks so be looking for it.

I want to thank those who downloaded Fable and are now buying Fated. It's nice to see a few sales and I look forward to any new reviews from readers. 

We will be doing an interview online the 21st of June, so I will keep you posted. Also, I plan to post another excerpt soon from Lore to get you excited about reading it. 

Things are going great! I hope wonderful things are happening for all of you. I can't believe that the wedding is already here. My daughter has been planning everything for almost two years now, so she is overly anxious and excited!

She's been busy constantly and I asked her last night what she was going to do with herself after the wedding's done and now she's finished with college too. She said, enjoy a lot of quiet time.

I am so happy for her and Jon and I hope and pray they have a wonderful life together. He is such a wonderful guy and is so good to her and the kids. But for now, we have a wedding to attend and lots of folks to entertain.

I am closing for now. With as busy as I am with the wedding I don't have a lot to report for the blog. Have an awesome weekend everyone and I will see you back here next Friday!


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