Friday, August 22, 2014

I Need A Weekend Away

Have you ever had one of those days where you know you should've gone back to bed? Where you wake up and you're kind of in a fog and know the last thing you should do today is be around other people?

That's me today, so forgive me if I write something too "off the wall". 

These are the days that I don't dare work on the manuscript for fear I will really mess it up. I try to find things to keep my mind occupied on anything other than writing. 

Trust me - I need to stay away from the book!

What I need to do is read, take a hot bath, sleep, watch a movie, maybe even clean...but I really don't have the energy for that last one. No, I am taking it easy today.

My internet connection has been acting up, my TV's cable doesn't work half the time (we've had Comcast out here 3 times already) and my phone almost died the other day. Thank goodness I figured out how to fix it at least, need the phone!!

So, today I will ramble on here, and probably Facebook, and look forward to tomorrow in the hope that my head is back on straight. And no, I don't do drugs. 

I think on days like this you should take it for what it's worth. Call in to work and tell them you've got the "croup". Take a vacation day and make it a long weekend. Go to Starbucks and then right back home, (that's what I did this morning), or whatever it takes to come back to this world and leave the weird, foggy dimension behind.

I think I need a weekend in Buena Vista - badly!

Have a great day all and don't forget Toni and I are on Bittenbybooks We look forward to seeing our friends join us!

Love, Lisa

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