Friday, September 26, 2014

Struggling Along With Blurbs

For those of you who've been on my fanpage lately you know I've had major issues with writing a blurb for Lineage - book 2 of The Djenrye Chronicles. I know, you think what's so hard about writing a blurb? Actually in a lot of ways, it's as difficult as writing a synopsis or query letter. 

The idea of a blurb, or teaser, is to outline your story in a few paragraphs. Within that outline you must introduce your characters, their basic conflicts, the antagonist, and at the same time incise the reader to want to read the book. Not as easy as you think.

Now, I know I should be able to do this with my eyes closed, right? Wrong! Especially when your own critique partner is asking lots of questions about the story line in her critiques. Not that she shouldn't be asking those questions, it's the fact that she did, which leads me to believe so will the reader.

So, onto fixing the marks...3 days later I'm still pulling my hair out! Finally I had enough and at 2 PAGES of blurb, I began the necessary cutting, if you know what I mean. I had to shorten this tremendously. 

So I did. I cut out all kinds of stuff. Then I text my other critique partner and told her what I was going through. She now has my mess of a blurb and hopefully can make some sense out of it. 

Onward and upward, I say! 

In the mean time, I did manage to write the blurb for Lore - book 2 of The Lorn Prophecy. I thought I would share it on here and you guys can let me know what you think. I would love to know if it entices you and makes you want to get the book ASAP.

Lore – Book 2 of The Lorn Prophecy

Stevie has crossed through the portal from her home in Terra-hun to the mysterious world of the Djen.
Lore takes the reader into Djenrye, a pristine world, yet filled with strife, and follows Stevie’s journey to becoming their new Guardian.  She is mesmerized by the untouched wilderness and fantastical beings of this new realm. As she traverses this ancient world, still hunted by the Rebellion, she gains new protectors and friends. A Faerie Queen and a daughter of the Behm become her sentinels, along with Colton—the love of her life.
New and unexpected enemy's surface. Colton, afraid for her life, uses all his power and knowledge to guide her through the country while protecting her from unforeseen dissention and threats. The untouched paradise has become a place of anxiety and fear for Stevie and her role as the Guardian.

Meanwhile back in Terra-hun, Wood, Jack, Alyssa, and Jan struggle to keep the secret of Djenrye and Stevie’s heritage. FBI agents have been called in to investigate the odd circumstances of Jan Barrett’s attack. As the Feds dissect the case, Detective Wood and the group try to stay one step ahead of them. The last thing they need is to turn from victims to suspects in the murders of two Golden police officers.
One of the FBI agent’s has also witnessed strange phenomenon and knows there is more to this story. He becomes Wood’s worst nightmare as he closes in on the truth.

Wood and the others must protect the portal and the people on the other side. To do so might mean the hardest decision of their lives—walking away from the only world they have ever known.  

Well, there you go. Did you like this one? Are you ready to read Lore?
Thanks for all your support in my writing endeavors. You guys are wonderful!
Have a nice weekend, Lisa

Friday, September 19, 2014

The New Adventure

I've been working on my new website and it seems to be coming along pretty well. It's tough getting things the way you want them through email, but my designer, Heather, and I are figuring it out.

If you get a minute, check it out. Djenworld There's still a lot we need to add and change, but you'll get the basic idea.

I would love your thoughts and suggestions. Doing this type of thing is not my strong suit. I am planning to cut down the amount of tabs on top and have drop down pages so that is already in the works.

I will also be adding blurbs about the upcoming books in the next year so you'll get a chance to read the teasers. I would love suggestions on where to add links ect and pictures of me and the books.

Anyway, I hope you like it so far. Also, if you're having trouble loading the page or seeing it in its entirety please let me know.

This is a new adventure, one I hope is successful in getting the word out about the books and a place we can discuss them. I think it would be fun to get ideas and thoughts from those who would like to participate in the interactive blog.

There will be contests, discussions, giveaways, ect. Any ideas for the blog would be great too.

I just want to have all of you a part of the world of the Djen. Once the series is finished I think you'll really enjoy the entire read.

Thanks for all your support everyone. You've all been great spreading the word and sharing Fable. I appreciate all of you!

Love, Lisa

Friday, September 12, 2014

My Mother My Friend

I just have to tell the story of a remarkable woman - my mom, Carol. I have had the opportunity to spend a lot more time with her in the last few years and have come to the conclusion that she's amazing. 

As I grew up we couldn't stand each other. I was the rebellious teen, and she was the closet alcoholic. She has recovered since then, in fact for about 18 years. 

We still fought for a long time. Actually until about 12 years ago when we had a sit down - let it all hang out - discussion. After that, things got a lot better between us.

Sure it took a while, but eventually we both realized we had much to offer as people and as mother and daughter. 

Once my father was diagnosed with Dementia, things really changed. She realized that we were there for them and would support her through the terrible ordeal. There were quite a few trips to and from the nursing home for two years, spending time with Dad. We (my sister and I ) took them out for breakfast, or drives around town, finished off with ice cream and coffee. I miss my father and I miss our time together as a family.

Since my father passed away 2 years ago, Mom and I have spent a lot of time together. See, recently she lost most of her sight. I mean, that's not the only reason we spend time together, we were doing it before, but now she relies on me to take her on errands and doctor's appointments. 

We find all kinds of things to do together. We go to the therapy pool, out to lunch, walks or hikes, the doctors, even shopping. But the important thing is I've gotten to know her as an adult woman, not just my mother.

She has tons of energy for 80 years old. She's independent, reliable, giving, resourceful, and loves to sing out loud and laugh. Her little dog, Sonny Boy, is the light of her life. To watch the two of them is funny. They are completely depended on one another and act like mother and son. 

I'm so glad that I've had this extra time with her. Since I am at home writing I am able to do so. I'm grateful for our days together, even if it's running errands. She has been so supportive of my writing and always is a positive influence, especially now that I'm writing without my sister.

I wouldn't trade my time with her for the world and I now know how important your time with your parents is. I want to thank her for all she's done for me and to tell her to keep on truckin', she's got a lot of life to live yet and I will be right by her side.

I hope all of you get special time with your families. Have a great weekend all and I'll see you back here next Friday! 

Love, Lisa

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's A Brave New World

I recently was reading an article about transition in writing and realized that I'm going through my own major changes. Not with, say a scene. or even a chapter, but writing all together.

Since Toni decided to leave our duo, I've had to come to terms with our voice together would not be the same as mine alone. But it's not going to be for the lack of trying.

It is frustrating in the first place, when you write a chapter that's completely rough draft, and then you go back through trying to make it flow better, and it just doesn't sound the same. Well, and again, for obvious reasons.

I do plan to work on this because I know our voices together made for an awesome book and I don't want to let anyone down. I know the story will be there, but I can't 100% guarantee its style being what you are used to from us. 

It's true, this is only the beginning of this transition and as time goes on it should get better. So bare with me, it might take a little extra time, but I am hoping the outcome will be all worth it!

Are you a reader who is sensitive to the writers voice? Or are you a writer who's style is not where you would like to see it? Let me know your thoughts on the writers voice.

On a lighter note, I am working on the website and plan to get a lot finished in the next two weeks. It was a rough week for me and my head wasn't in it, but I'm getting better.

Have a great week all. I hope your looking forward to Fall, I know I am. We are going to Buena Vista in a month to enjoy the wonderful fall colors and soak in the hot springs. I look forward to some relaxation. I know I need it!

Love, Lisa