Friday, April 17, 2015

Writers Cornferences

This weekend is a big deal for me. It's Starfest, and last year we sold a good amount of books - at least for me anyway. 

But it's not all about making money, it's about getting my books out there and hopefully gaining some more fans. And it's about meeting new people and having some great conversations.

The writer's life doesn't end when you type 'The End'. It continues on with conferences, book signings, classes, launch parties, and building relationships with others in your field. In fact, I wish I could afford to do more conferences throughout the year, but you do have to pay for your table space.

I've tried two years in a row to go to ComicCon, but they haven't sent me the notices when they're accepting new applicants. Maybe next year, and hopefully by then I can have two new books to add to the mix, Lore and Tale.

One thing to note: my author friend Lizzie T. Leaf will be sharing a table with me this year. This is her first time experiencing Starfest and I hope she has as much fun as I do!

If writing is something you are striving for, get ready to be busy. That is, as long as you put forth the effort and plan to share your books with the public. It can be stressful, and not to mention, tiring at times, but it's well worth it.

It can also be fun and exciting. I have met some wonderful people and have gained several great friends who have become my support system, like Lizzie, Robin and Janet. Yes, there are plenty more, but it would be a long list. 

To me there is nothing better than to see my books on Amazon (and on a few secondhand book store shelves throughout Denver) and to hand my novels to new readers. I can't wait to hear if they enjoyed the books and I'm hopeful they can't wait to read the next one that comes out. (I've even seen Fable in a couple of libraries, too!)

Sharing my story is not only amazing, but, in a way, comforting. To know people like it, maybe even love it, gives me the courage to continue doing what I love best - writing!

I hope some of you will be at Starfest this weekend and drop by our table. There's lots to see and do and a fun time for the whole family! 

See you there!

Love, Lisa

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