Friday, May 29, 2015

Another great conference in the bag, and moving forward. ComicCon here in Denver was amazing and exhausting at the same time, but well worth it!

My husband Rick was my partner in crime this time. We were both worn out on Tuesday, but we got through it together. Now 32 more books are out in the public and I hope everyone who purchased either Fable or Fated, or both, enjoy them. They are my babies, but they aren't perfect. Although I have tried to at least have the creative skills up to par.

I feel very fortunate to have been a part of ComicCon and look forward to next year!

Well, Lore is coming along too. I received the critiques back for chapter 40 last night. 8 more to go. I am a little bummed as to how long it's taking to get it finished, but it is what it is. No short changing with this one. I think you'll find it satisfying once you've read it though. I hope.

I meet with the artist for the cover next Tuesday. I'm excited to see how it's coming along. I'm sure Karla is doing a fantastic job. So it is moving and will be ready before you know it!

Now onto my thoughts for this week in creative writing.

Last night while working with Robin on critiques we touched on the discussion of the writers unique voice. It's different with each person. Some like the longer books and other's don't. Some like the deeper detail and description and some like it better if the story is moving faster. There's books out there that fit the bill for most readers tastes, you just have to discover what works for you.

I like long books, but not a lot of info dump. To me it gets to the point of asking, does the author get paid by the word? But that's just my taste. I do like to be brought into the scene, as if I'm there. Describing new worlds fits the bill with me. Just not pages and pages of description - it can get a little much.

We writers tend to "over" write and add scenes that aren't really necessary. The reader isn't stupid and can figure out things without being hit over the head. Thank goodness for critique partners or I would be doing this all the time. 

So I guess the lesson here today is, don't be afraid to cut. If the information is there, that's all you need. Moving the story is what's important, not every detail of what a character looks like, or acts like. It will become obvious.

So, that's my thought for the day. I know it's not much in the way of detail either, but I think, you as the writer, will get it.

Have a wonderful weekend all. I'll be back here next Friday!

Love, Lisa

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