Friday, June 19, 2015

Patience Is A Vertue

Happy Friday to all of you! I hope you have fantastic plans for the weekend since it is Father's day Sunday. We are barbecuing with the kids and hanging out for the evening - nothing too exciting, but should be nice.

Recently there have been several setbacks for me with writing, ones I will overcome, but it can make it tough to completely concentrate on the book. Things like vacation, holiday's and the like, but it will get finished.

I'm sure this happens to all of you too, but don't let it get you down. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Like anything else in life, things come up. Death in the family, loss of a job, even frustration with writing can all slow down the process. 

When these types of situations occur, try not to be so tough on yourself. Writing a book is not a normal process. There can be all kinds of things that interfere. For me, I tend to get a little depressed and stressed, but I have to remind myself that it will get finished and it will be published. 

So really, this post is more for me. Reminding myself that this is life. Nothing I do can change the things that seem to creep up and stop me from getting the book done. All I can do, and you too, is take things one day at a time. To be honest, it's the only way to make sure what you do put out there is professional and worth waiting for.

Quality verses Quantity, I always say. But I think the hardest part is I'm so close to having the book finished. Don't give up on me. It will be in the next several months as long as all goes well. My mother used to say, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade". There is some worth in that statement.

So be patient with me. It will happen and the thing is, I'm sure it will be worth waiting for. 

Have a nice holiday weekend and happy Father's day to all you Dad's!!

Love, Lisa


  1. Hard to remember that patience is a venture, but I try. ;) Hope you have a great Father's Day weekend (not that your a dad, but you know what I mean?)

    1. Thanks Jeanette, and thanks for leaving a comment. I sure do appreciate it! I hope you have a wonderful holiday too! ;-)