Friday, July 3, 2015

The Low Down With Facebook And Amazon

Happy Fourth of July all! I hope a wonderful weekend is in store for all of you. Me, well, working on Lore of course. Besides, we have a dog that goes into panic mode when she hears fireworks. She's 13 yrs old so we worry about leaving her alone when she's in her "zone". 

Aside from that little bit of info, I thought I would touch on the big conversation lately with Facebook and Amazon from authors. They sure aren't making it easy for us small time writers who are only trying to gain a following and maybe a little money in our pocket from all the hard work we've done.

First I'll touch on Facebook and the Fan Page. 

When I started my page a few years ago it was progressing nicely. I didn't have a huge following, but it was growing. I'm not extremely savvy when it comes to social marketing, but I do try to learn and have some important interaction with my fans. I won't go into the hits and misses of that subject, but I do want to touch on the "boost" program a bit.

Recently they changed the rules so that very few people see your posts unless you pay money to have it boosted. So if you just post a little comment you will be lucky if more than 20 people from your "like" list see it. Of course the more likes you get for the post, the more people see it. I think the highest amount of people that saw one of my posts that wasn't boosted came to about 60 people. 

I decided to try the boost option for blog posts or something I did on my website. I can't afford a lot so I've always chosen the 5.00 pay amount. I think with that, when I would get likes and clicks on the post, I've managed to get it out to around 300 - 400 people, or so it claims. The interesting thing is I've actually lost "likes" in the process. I guess that's another subject for another time.

But I find that Facebook and Amazon are really cashing in on the small time author. They know we need social media to spread the news about our books, so they take advantage. It is up to you as an author if you plan to utilize the boost, but I'm wondering if it's worth the money.

The next is Amazon's new Kindle Direct Publishing change.

Again, originally this program was designed to help new author's get the word out for their books. I'm banking on Amazon seeing the large amount of authors they had and decided to cash in on them as well. The newest shyster move from them is, first their program for their book-buying customers. For 9.99 a month you can download and read books, 10 at a time, and then once read, you can trade them in for another book. They did pay the author's for their books being downloaded, but now they've changed the rules for that program also.

The newest dig is if someone downloads your book, you get paid for pages read only. It works out to about 7 cents a page on average. If someone only reads a little and decides to trade it for another book, your out any money. 

Now, I have to say this is a major upset for those trying to make a buck or two for their efforts. I personally think its a lot of huey!! (I'm trying not to curse) It makes it tough to decide if you should continue to have your ebooks on KDP or pull them and hope to have sales from customers who aren't part of the 9.99 program.

Another tough decision. 

I haven't made mine yet. I thought about pulling Fable and Fated, and only having Lore on there for the required 90 days, then pulling that one too. I guess I will see if the program works or not for me. If, in a few months, I've seen nothing that screams - stay on KDP - I probably will pull them from the program. Again, this is a personal choice. I, for one, am tired of making these big companies money and not reaping any reward for my hard work.

I am curious your thoughts on this subject. What have you decided to do with both of these rip-off programs?

Please leave me a comment and let me hear your side.

In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday weekend and I'll see you back here next Friday! Happy 4th of July!!!

Love, Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa. Glad to se you're still at it. Good for you. My co-written novel will be finished within three months. Speaking of social media, I would not bother with FB. I have heard some horror stories. I would stick with Amazon. Just saying.
    The best to you. How's Toni doing? Blessings.

    1. Hi Johnny! This post snuck right by me. No one post on my blog so I missed it, sorry about that. I'm glad your book is almost finished. It's hard work but worth it when it's all done! I plan to sit down and figure out the Amazon for author's page. I don't know my way around it but heard it can be quite helpful. Toni is fine. Take care and keep in touch! ;-)