Friday, December 11, 2015

Do You Feel Like There's A Lot Of Confusing Advice Online

I don't know about you, but I tend to read writing advice online. Sometimes I agree with the advice and sometimes it can be a bit confusing when one site says to write a particular way, and another says the opposite. I think the key here is to listen to the one's who actually know true creative writing skills.

How do you know the difference? Research the particular skill that's the subject of their article. 

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful writing coach. She's British and the Brits tend to stick to the rules when it comes to writing - well most of the time. I have read a few books with British author's who like to head hop or use too much info dump, but most are a pretty good read.

In America we aren't taught strong skills when it comes to writing literature. At least not in high school or the lower grades. I'm not sure when it comes to colleges, but it seems as though the writers who have degrees in creative writing tend to put out nice, tight novels. 

Should you look up their credentials? Maybe, maybe not. That doesn't mean they're a great writer, only that they have a degree. 

I think going with your gut, and a few google searches about the topic, should satisfy the correct creative writing skills you are striving for. 

As with anything, take advise with a grain of salt - even mine. I am only telling you what I do in these situations. I think most writing skills sites are pretty good for the most part.

So do your research. You want your writing to shine. After all, isn't that your goal? 

Have a wonderful weekend and if you get a moment leave me a comment and tell me what you're struggling with, or maybe some great writing sites you've discovered!

Love, Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa. Sorry for the delay. I have been recuperating from an episode that occurred a few weeks ago. All the tests have come back negative, and I'm doing great. This past week, I re-injured my left wrist, but it's coming along. You're so right. A degree doesn't make you a good writer, just like in my previous line of work, with respect to counseling. A degree in Psychology doesn't make you a good counselor. We were fortunate in High School. Our writing instructor was an author. One thing she inculcated in her students. "Don't follow the first coach, or editor you encounter. Get a second opinion." She was so right. As always, a great post. BTW. My children's story will be illustrated by a close friend of the family, free of charge. His work is fantastic. Hope to get it published within a few months. The book I'm co-writing with my cousin needs two more chapters. She is an editor as well, so, we'll get it out soon. Good read. Blessings.

    1. Johnny, so good to hear from you and I'm glad they didn't find anything serious regarding your medical issues. I know what you mean, I have my own physical issues and have applied for SS disability but so far I haven't been able to win my case. I have a new hearing in the spring. In the mean time I've been experiencing more problems but am losing my insurance on Jan. 1st. We are searching for a new ins. company and hopefully we will be able to replace ours by the beginning of the year.

      I am looking forward to your new books! Let me know when they are available for purchase. I have two grandchildren that read a lot so I am interested in your children's book. What a break to get your illustrations done for free! That's awesome! What is your other book about? Let me know on that one too! I'm sure it will be a good read!