Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Holiday's And Making Time To Write

Well, I'ts that time of year again - the holiday's are upon us. And if it's for you anything like my crazy life, it's a hectic time. And one of the hardest times of the year to sit down and write.

Between the baking, cooking, holiday party planning and gift shopping, it's amazing we have any time to ourselves, let alone time to write. But you need to make time, if only to satisfy your own pallet. We must do for ourselves!

I know author's who write Christmas stories during this time of year, or have them already to publish for your holiday gift giving. And there are some who do wonderful sales on the books they already have out. As for me, I'm still plugging away at revisions.

But I'm writing!

You should continue your normal schedule as much as you can, and that includes your writing time. You need that for yourself otherwise you will feel guilty as you continue along through the holiday process. I know I always do. I can remember several times sitting at Christmas dinner feeling glad the holidays are about finished so I can sit down and write. But I'm also one of those writers who has "book brain".

I personally think one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself as a writer is writing. So 'write on people'! Don't let the naysayers and party planners stop you from doing what you love best, writing.

Just rearrange your schedule a bit, but save that extra time. You deserve the break from reality. You can escape into your own story! I mean, isn't that the best part of the whole process? The escape?!

Leave me a comment if you have a moment and let me know if this time of year leaves you lacking with time to write, or have you committed to stay at it.

Until after the holidays, I hope all of yours is a wonderful time! I won't be posting next week since Christmas falls on Friday, but I'll be back to ring in the new year! Wish me luck on gaining extra revisions through these next few weeks!

Happy Holiday's to all of you!

Love, Lisa

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