Friday, April 15, 2016

Oh The Fun Never Ends

Yes, onto another project - one that I have to learn how to do. Oh, the fun never ends for us self-published authors. 

True, for me it's all a challenge, and I can get extremely frustrated, but I'm willing to learn. My latest learning curve - designing banners, bookmarks, ads, and the like. Thank goodness I asked my marketing guru what site to go on to do this. He told me Canva. It was actually pretty simple, but I've only done one banner so far. Now onto two more banners and bookmarks. 

I think the part I don't like is it's time consuming. I could be writing, but I have no other choice if I want to have nice banners for Comic Con this year. The one thing that is really good is you can design these for free on Canva. And we all like Free - right?!

So I thought a little post to help you out with marketing. You can never get enough help in this business. 

Now what is the next step? Vista print, that's what. They will walk you through downloading your pieces of art onto their site and help you to make sure it's want you want. No it's not free, but extremely reasonable. Or, depending on what you're looking for, they have tons of their own designs you can use.

And lastly, Vista print has all the stands, or whatever you need to have that professional look when you're all ready to go to that all important conference, or book signing. 

See, I told you there is no such thing as self-publishing for free. The costs add up. Between paying for your copyright with the Library of Congress, to making banners for behind your table, it never ends.

Is it worth it? I think it is. The name of the game is exposure - and you definitely can never have enough of that. So just plan on saving some money for all these unexpected occurrences. If you truly want to shine, you have to get out there and you have to be ready. 

Business cards, book marks, and swag you can afford, are of the up-most importance in this fast, competitive business.

Until next week, don't forget you can download Fable for free at my website. Djenworld

Any hints or ideas you want to share with me? I would love to know! Just leave me a comment and we will talk about it.

Love, Lisa

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