Friday, April 1, 2016

Trying To Play Catch Up

I'm sure, if you're a writer, you've been told that once you finish your book you should take time to rest and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Now while that's excellent advice, it's not realistic - at least it's not for me.

Unfortunately there's marketing to do, and book signings, and conferences. It's true, there's never a dull moment in an Authors' life. But that's okay with me - it gives me things to do each day.

Yes, I finally finished Lore! I'm just waiting for the last of the critiques to come back and then off to the editor. And honestly, I really liked sending 5 to 10 chapters at a time to him. I managed to get it done much faster. Just food for thought. 

But I do have the advantage of Michael, my editor, knowing my story almost as well as I do. See, he's been my "Junior Editor" all along, and decided he wanted to graduate to professional editor - and he has done an excellent job! I think I'll keep him!

But on that note, now it's time to format the book and get it ready for publishing. My sister, Toni, agreed to help me with the task, and I'm so thankful she did. Talk about a nightmare for me. I'm sure I have told you I'm not the greatest on computers - I am trying - but having someone who is makes your life so much easier. 

So, on that note - I am now playing catch-up with all my marketing tasks. As I said in my last post, it's expensive, so I'm choosing carefully what to spend my money on at the moment. Priority's you know. And since I'm going to Comic Con in June, it's very important that I have my bookmarks, mini-books, and a screen with an image of my books on it for behind the table. Not to mention, actual books - in my hand. I will have to have them if I want to sell them.

With all that in mind, believe it or not, I've started to write the next book - Tale. I am so stoked about the story line that I couldn't wait to get it on paper. Yes, in the middle of all this, I am on to the next in the series. 

So you see, there's no rest for the wicked, as they say. And I'm not taking any time off. I will need a mini-vacation though. Cottonwood is calling me!

Do you take a break and do nothing after you finish writing a book? If so, please let me know how that works - because I haven't been able to stop!

Love, Lisa

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