Friday, May 13, 2016

If I Didn't Laugh ...

Well, I have to say, my life sure is interesting, to say the least. Truly, If I didn't laugh half the time, I would shed tears. But just when I thought it couldn't get any crazier, I am abruptly woken from a nap from a loud crash in the living room.

Now my first reaction was someone's trying to break in - which scared me to death. I threw on my pants, I'm sure whoever it was did not want to see me in my underwear - there's somethings you just can't unsee - and I began to slowly walk toward the sounds.

Another crash happened and I stuck my head around the corner to see ... no one?! I was like "what is going on"?! 

Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted the culprit. A squirrel. And not just any squirrel, he must have weighed at least 3 lbs (which is pretty big for a squirrel) and he was up on the side of the wall yelling at me with his chirps, twitters, and I'm not sure what other word would describe the sounds coming from him - but he was mad big-time!  

I ran to the front door to see if he would be willing to escape my house, but he wasn't having it. He stared me down and continued his yelling. I ran to the other side of the room to my cell phone and hurriedly unplugged it to call my husband Rick. Just as I clicked on his number the squirrel dashed back into this hole up near the ceiling. I guess the hole leads to the sofits outside.

Now, don't judge me.

Those of you that know me personally know that I hate this crappy cabin we've been forced to rent since the rent in Denver metro is outrageous now. It's a 1948 rock cabin with cement walls, except for the living room which is wood walls like a log cabin - well kinda. And since moving here I have done nothing but freeze half the time. Plus I've gotten sick twice, and I never get sick. Trust me, it's like living in the arctic when it's snowing up here.

So, needless to say, yes there are holes big enough for a squirrel ( or very large rat) to fit through. After the chaos died down, Rick told me to spray the hole with bug spray. He said they hate that smell. It must have worked because he didn't come back in.

Once my husband got home he found some steel fencing and covered up the hole. We thought the problem was solved - that is until Tuesday afternoon.

Here is was, lying on the couch, sick with a high fever, (from living at 8200 feet in the middle of a canyon) watching TV. All of a sudden my cable goes out. The very first thought that crossed my mind was - that squirrel is paying us back. He chewed up the wire.

When I said that to Rick he thought I was losing it. There's no way since the wires didn't go into the sofits. So I call Xfinity. Guess what?! The guy tells me our house is the only one out. Could we have critters around here that could have chewed through a cable?

I had to laugh!

Sure enough when they installed the cable the guy ran the wire right underneath the hole outside where the squirrel was coming in. Yup - paybacks.

Also explains why it's so cold in this place. So those who had convinced me how great it was for a writer to live in a house like this and get to have all this quiet, alone time to write my manuscripts, I have this to say - NOT!

Even though it is true, try to find the positives in your not so great situations, and believe me I work on it everyday, it is tough to be all smiles and joyful when you're living in a house like we do. 

It's pretty interesting though that the one reprieve I've had is a squirrel breaking in and cursing me because he freaked himself out knocking over my stuff. 

Life sure is funny...

Until next week, I'm very excited to say the proof came back for Lore and I am ready to order books! The electronic book should be ready soon for those who prefer to download. And again, if you would like to read Fable for free just follow this link: 

I promise if you click on the link nothing will bite you or jump out at you. You'll simply get to read a fantasy fiction book that will hopefully take you away from all those stresses for a little while. 

Take care, Lisa

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