Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It's finally here - ComicCon week! A busy, busy week for me getting ready for a fun weekend filled with awesome fantasy costumes, exciting exhibits, famous sci-fi/fantasy actors, comic books and fantasy books - lots of books!

Rick and I had a blast last year and have been looking forward to this year. We have banners for behind our table and a new book to show off - very stoked!

In fact if I could I would love to do some other ComicCon's around the country. Maybe someday. But for now we have the Denver one and we look forward to getting more books out there for people to enjoy and hopefully become fans. 

I hope some of you that are in the Denver area are going to be there and if so please drop by our table. Our number is AA35 in author alley. If I've never met you make sure to tell me who you are. 

So I won't be around much, but I will check in with posting pics on Facebook and giving updates. I hope everyone has a great weekend whether you are going to the Con, or enjoying the Gay Pride parade on Sunday. Or maybe you're going camping or a road trip to get away from the heat and celebrate Father's day. Whatever it is I hope it's a blast!

I'll be checking in so look for me on Facebook!

Love, Lisa

PS. Happy Father's day for all my dad friends and family!

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