Friday, June 10, 2016

Sometimes You Need To Give Yourself A Kick In The Butt

Getting back to writing has been tough. After all the issues we've been dealt the last few months, I'm still not in calm, breathable mode. But I decided that needs to change. 

About ten days ago I went to my first chapter, the prologue in my WIP, Tale, and scanned it. Sure it needs a lot of work, but no time like the present. I changed a few things, and scanned it again hoping I would find my inner creative person. No such luck.

So I decided I'm going to send this to my critique partner and let her, with her fresh eyes, scan it too. She did. Not long after I received the chapter back with marks. It wasn't so bad. Not great, but not bad. So I fixed the critiques, took a few mental notes, and sent it back to her with questions and thoughts. Still waiting to hear, but I took the first step.

Sometimes when life seems to be upside down, you have to give it a nudge to turn it around. When you're a writer I'm sure you've realized you tend to be a little more sensitive to life's hurdles. It can make it hard to focus and get back where you need to be. If you have found yourself in this predicament maybe my few tips can help you through it.

1. Don't give in: As a writer your life's dream is to have a lot of novels written and published with great sales and lots of fans. Don't give up on your dream just because life handed you lemons. Get back at it as soon as you can.

2. Know you have friends that have your back: We are all here to help each other, that includes your critique partner, who is probably a good friend. I knew if I sent Robin the chapter she would look at it with a critical eye knowing me and my writing. There are those you can depend on to help you out of your slump. All you need do is ask.

3. Take it slow if you need to: No one is expecting you to bounce back and be that awesome writer overnight. Between sickness, stress, and life's other challenges, we all can be faced with the task of getting back in the game. It's okay, go at your own pace, just make sure to keep moving forward.

4. Don't be so hard on yourself: Take time out to breathe. Know it will happen, but you need to take those baby steps. It's okay. Remember, we are our hardest critiques, but in a way, that can push you back to where you need to be.

5. Don't force it: Writing isn't a craft that you can sit down to no matter what. We tend to be stress balls. Try to breathe, maybe yoga or meditation, and when you sit down to write, just let it happen. You can always delete what was gibberish and move on when your head is clearer.

6. And finally, relax: Life's too short to let it get in the way of what you love. Hang in there, the words will flow again and the story will come to life. All you need give it, and yourself, is patience.

I hope these help. They are a reminder to me also. It's time for me to take those lemons and make some awesome lemonade!

Next week I will post to this blog earlier. I will be at Denver ComicCon for the weekend selling my fabulous books! I hope, if your going, you stop by my booth! I would love to see you!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Lisa

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