Friday, July 1, 2016

A Hint For Marketing Your Books

So the plan is, this will be a good weekend. We finally are moving out of this cold, drafty, ugly rock cabin. Can't wait! 

I've endured this place for nine months, and in my opinion, it was nine months too long. I know some of you are saying, well at least you have a roof over your head, and that's true. I am grateful for that. But this place, as my friend Janet said, is one step up from tent camping. Try sleeping in a tent at 8200 ft through the freezing winter of the Rocky Mountains?!

Anyway, there is light at the end of the tunnel. This move is also the beginning of much needed changes. It will be the start of a new life for us. One that only positive changes will happen. I am bound and determined to turn things around for the better.

Now, it won't be easy, and there will be times where I will want to sink back into the abyss, but my attitude is one of good mojo and is only allowed in this household. What are the major changes? Losing weight, saving money for my hubby's much needed knee replacements, and marketing the books to a point of profit. Oh, and of course, writing my next book, Tale!

What is the abyss? Spending money where it's not needed. Wanting something I don't need. And needlessly spending too much on marketing. Trust me, It can add up quick. 

I know marketing through Facebook can add up quickly, but if you figure out what's affordable for you each month, I believe it will be worth it. A good ad, a great description and a well thought out image make all the difference. If you try three different ads, with three different images, then compare the clicks, you will discover what works and what doesn't. 

Plus a good marketing class doesn't hurt either. Support is critical from friends and colleagues, and writing more books is key to a successful writing career. But make sure your covers and the story are excellent too. Without a good story to captivate and a cover that grabs them, all you hard work will be for not.

So, that's my take on it. I hope those of you who plan to write the next best novel of our time, realize how important a good marketing strategy is. If you would like to know more about the class I'm taking feel free to ask. I will be more than happy to talk to you about it.  

What do you do to market your books? Is it working for you?

Until next weekend, and from my new house,(very excited)have a great one and happy fourth of July! May it be a safe and fun outing for you and your family!

Love, Lisa

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