Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Teaser From Tale

Hi Everyone! I hope this post finds you happy, healthy and writing. I said last week that I would post an excerpt from Tale and usually I post from the first chapter in my latest work in progress, but I decided this time to tease you with a vision-walk between Stevie and Queen Feya Lune. 

Here's the teaser and if you get a moment let me know what you think.

Stevie’s eyes opened and she found herself in a vision-walk—in the middle of a forest—one she was familiar with. A song in the distance became louder as tiny lights appeared all around her. The Faeries. She knew it was Queen Feya Lune that invaded her dreams.
            She looked around at the trees until she spotted the little Queen morphing from the size of her pinky finger, to a full grown human size. Stevie bowed and smiled as Feya Lune transformed in front of her. “Hello, Feya Lune.” Stevie gazed into the soft gold of her eyes.
            “Ty Greial,” the Queen’s ethereal voice said, her wings fluttering.
            “I have missed you. We haven’t talked in weeks.” Stevie knew this wasn’t just a catch up meeting. Feya Lune never called her unless it was important. “I’m sure there’s something you need to tell me.”
            Feya Lune inclined her head and then caught Stevie’s eyes with hers. “There is much to discuss—I fear for you.”
            “What is it?” Stevie asked. “You look awfully worried.”
            “You not accepted fully, Shylae—Guardian of Phraile Highlae. A few wish you gone. And others begrudge the Hundye who have breached the portal.”
            Stevie smiled. “I know. And in time the people will accept all of us.”
            “Tis true, but take care to be aware of surroundings.” She fluttered around the trees as if pacing, her colors changing from pastel to more vibrant. “There is more, Ty Greial. A prophecy unfolds. Yet there is knowledge not given. A dangerous journey must take place—and one will be sacrificed.”
            “What do you mean, one will be sacrificed? Whose life is in danger?” Stevie held her breath waiting for the answer.
            The Queen shook her head, frustration showing in her hues. “I know not. I see a death, but no face. I see an enemy, but know not who. There is a task that must be conquered to triumph the battle foretold.” Darkness settled across the Queen’s features.
              Now Stevie’s frustration became obvious. “Why do you always talk in riddles? I need answers.”
            The Queen’s song grew louder, filling Stevie’s ears with a trill. She brought her hands to her head, the sound pounding in her temples. “Stop, Feya Lune. I’m not trying to upset you, but I need to have answers.”
            The noise quieted, and the Queen slowed. She now stood in front of Stevie. “You are brave, Ty Greial, but will have to go on—even in the face of loss. I warned you long ago. Now you must continue your destiny.”
            Stevie huffed. “Feya Lune, I had no choice, even if I’d heeded your warning and left, I’d still be in danger. I am ready to face the Rebels, and the Behm. But I am afraid of the Jajing.” Stevie started her own pacing. “I don’t know how to be a leader of a war. And I don’t want to see any of my friends or family die.”
            The Queen began to shrink. “I must leave you now, my powers wane.”
            “You always do this to me. Can’t you tell me before you go?”
            Feya Lune became a tiny Faerie once more. Stevie could hear her voice through the trees. “I will return, Ty Greial. Until then—see with both eyes.”
            And she was gone.

Stevie sank to the forest floor, her head in her hands. Which one of my friends will die? I have to know who needs extra protection.

I hope you enjoyed my excerpt and look forward to the next book in my Lorn Prophecy series, Tale.
Have a great week all and don't forget to get your copy of Lore!  Lore on Amazon

Love, Lisa

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