Thursday, August 25, 2016

Struggles With Writing and Reading

Well, summer is slowly coming to a close. Only a few more weeks and we will have the official first day of fall. I don't know about you, but I'm ready. These last few months have been chaotic. 

I look forward to curling up on cold days and delving deeper into my book and getting it finished asap. I don't believe this one will take as long as I anticipated, but things creep up as we all know. I'm on chapter 13 now, moving right along. Once I get to chapter 20 I will be meeting with my cover-artist, Karla, to do some brainstorming for Tale. If you have any cool ideas I'm open to suggestions.

And I've been reading several of my friend's books. I touched on this a few posts ago, but I loved their stories! I just started a trilogy by an author I don't know, that could be a great story, but the writer needs to work on a lot of creative writing issues. I'm not sure if I will be able to finish even the first book because of all them. But alas, I've said it before, you need strong critique partners and editors. 

It's not that she makes a lot of mistakes, it's her putting forth the story - in other words - it's dull and has a lot of telling as apposed to showing. Her main plot has a lot of holes too. 

What amazes me is she has over 242 reviews and they're all 4 + stars. I guess it must be young people because anyone who reads a lot would probably feel the same as me. I would think anyway.

But her friends and fans write reviews, and what a difference they make. The amount of reviews with Amazon can make you or break you so if you have read my books and liked them, but haven't left a review, I'm asking you PLEASE and THANK YOU! 

Not to mention, I would really appreciate it, not only hearing from you, but it gives me motivation. 

When you have 50 + reviews you fall into another category with Amazon. They advertise your books more. So when someone is looking for a new adult fantasy my book will be further up on the list. Amazon is my only source, other than my website, where I sell books so if you have a minute I would love it if you would jump on my page on Amazon and leave a review. Fable on Amazon

Now, onto other business. 

Recently, I was having a hard time with how the direction of Tale would go so I had a brainstorming session with Robin my critique partner. With this book in particular I didn't know how I wanted to end it. As most author's know, if you know the ending, you can figure out the direction you need to reach that goal. 

I told her what I was thinking and she agreed it would be a great place to end it, not the entire story, just this piece of the series. We also brainstormed a scene I had started and she thought it was a good route too. So needless to say, I'm feeling much better about moving on in the story.

It's amazing how talking about your story with someone you can trust can help you in your struggle to make the story come to life. Not only is having great critique partners help in catching mistakes, but they know your story as well as you do and their insight is invaluable. 

So those of you that write, take it from me, it can make all the difference in the world. It doesn't mean they will take over your story, only enhance it. 

Have any of you gone through some of these struggles? What helped you to get passed them?

Until next week, have a great weekend and keep in touch!

Love, Lisa 

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