Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Little of This and a Little of That - Plus an Excerpt

There's a lot that's been going on in Djen World. So I thought a little update is in order. I know I've not posted as many articles on here lately, but it's been a busy few weeks. 

Tale is coming along great! I've surpassed the halfway zone - I'm on chapter 20. I love the story so far and I'm at the peak of it. A few more chapters and it will be going into the wind down faze. I'm very excited!

I've also been getting more reviews and sales thanks to marketing. It's not a whole lot, but I'll take it. It feels good getting Fable out there. And my newsletter subscriptions has grown to 80 people. 

And I've met a few more fans who are becoming friends and that's always a bonus!

It is a slow going process, and for some it goes much faster, but at least everything's going in the right direction. I'm happy! Now, to do more. I've begun the task of advertisement on Facebook. I've only sent out two ads so far and I'm weighing the option of doing more on there. I've learned of a new way to advertise directly through Amazon so I'm thinking of trying that next.

But of course, that's another learning curve I must conquer and is my next week's study.

In the mean time, I will be opening up my blog to some guest posts. I plan to have a few of my author friends and my writing coach, Janet Roots. She's having her first writer's workshop in February and I want to get the word out there for those who are interested in writing. So make sure to look for those interviews in the near future.

Lot's happening in my little world of the Djen. 

Well, I thought I would leave you with an excerpt from Tale. I hope you enjoy and look forward to the next book in The Lorn Prophecy series.

Dusk settled on Phraile Highlae, the last of the sun’s rays disappearing behind Ty Raile ai Highlae—The Hall of Light. Laylan stood at the window facing the cliff side, and pondered her reasons for agreeing that Ty Greial could go on this journey.
Her father’s words played over and over in her thoughts, “Beware this new Guardian. She is an Omen—her foretold presence begins the Prophecy.” Even though his words spoke true, the plea that escaped his lips before he took his last breath were the words that troubled her the most, “You must not … trust her. If she is allowed to take her place, there will be no place for you. You will never gain … your status.”
Her father never understood, although she had expressed her desire repeatedly, that Laylan did not want the role. Her dream was to marry Marek and settle down in Tyré. Not to spend her life in the role of Supreme Leader.
Yet, she did as he asked—fought for their rightful place.
Laylan’s memories of being kidnapped by Torren came to the forefront. Shylae had been forced into the room with her. And they became friends. If it had not been for Ty Greial’s inner strength, Laylan realized she might not have survived. She was there for me. Now I have turned away from her—accusing her of commandeering my rightful position.
She knew this was never Shylae’s intent. If Laylan was completely truthful with herself, she would have to admit her father did not mean trust in the literal sense. He wanted her to be like him—vague and misleading—especially when it had to do with the Prophecy. His deceit made her ill and irritable. Yet, why do the Gods forsake my family’s service—my legacy?
After countless attempts to speak with the Gods, she felt abandoned—by the very deities she had turned to from the time she could walk. As she grew, her father stressed the importance of their place within the hierarchy. Once she had matured, he instructed her in the ritual to contact the Gods but he shared nothing else—until his death. He then imparted his warnings.

Laylan made no promises but told him she would do what she could to hold onto the family heritage—the station of Supreme Leader. But she was now failing in carrying out her father’s dying wish. She followed every step of the connection ritual as he had shown it to her, but for naught. The only connection had been through a dream—one that left her powerless. There had been no other choice—Laylan must do the will of Tzak. 

I hope you liked my little teaser. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Love, Lisa

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