Thursday, July 13, 2017

Just Catching You Up

Now that I'm at the revisions segment of writing a book, I am reminded of how much work it is. Not only combing each line and adding or taking away either paragraphs or scenes, it's detailing the story as needed.

On top of that, I have a running list of things I want to do to the story. And I need to finish the outline so that I can glance at the book in it's entirety. Whew ... I'm tired already.

But I'm on it. I'm up to chapter eight at this point. I had a little weekend diversion - Comic Con. Which, by the way, was very successful. Not only in sales, but in meeting new contacts and building new relationships.

I do want to announce that I will be at Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference this September. They set up a book store and book signing on Friday night the 8th for the authors and it's open to the public. Even more good news - Diana Gabaldon, author of Outlander, will be there! You can come out and meet and say hello!

I am extremely excited about that. I want to ask her when the 9th book of the series will be out. Although she does have a new book, which is actually two novellas in one, ready to buy.

It will be at the Renaissance Hotel in Denver - Sept. 8 - 10. I hope if you're in the Denver area you decide to stop by.

So, the next thing I'm hoping is to have the book ready to publish this fall. And that means - Launch Party!! I love my launches. I have a lot of great people who come by, not only to get a signed copy of my latest and greatest, but to visit and have a wonderful cup of coffee at Bean Fosters in Golden.

Lots going on this fall, plus it will be cooler, and I'm all about cooler weather. Keep your fingers crossed for me that everything pans out and Tale will be available by November. That's my goal anyway. 

Well, I just wanted to get you caught up to what's new. The revisions are moving along great. I will be hitting up my beta readers real soon, and then off to the editor. 

I hope you're looking forward to Tale! I know a few people that are, and I've recently gained a few more fans so that's great news too.

Take care and stay in touch. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to read!

Love, Lisa

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